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    FOUND 1965 Trunk 440 Fratzog Badge

    Got this one if you're still looking.
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    WTB 66 window regulator

    So you need a convertible one?
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    WTB 66 window regulator

    This one is 10 1/4 inches. And is the right side. Left is in the car. 2 dr 67 Coronet.
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    WTB 66 window regulator

    I have one. $75 and shipping. I can get pictures tomorrow.
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    WTB 66 window regulator

    Which side. I have them. Which model, as Chargers are different.
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    FOR SALE 66-67 Convertible rear seat

    I have an excellent condition 66-67 convertible rear seat. But Im on the west coast and shipping would be a killer.
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    WTB 1966 Charger Rear Sail Panels

    I havs this set in Vancouver B.C.
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    Sold the one I had.

    Sold the one I had.
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    Possible parts scammer for our cars.

    Sorry about the delays. Unfortunately dealing with my mothers funeral arrangements, notifying relatives, legal matters, etc. time has gone by rather quickly, and slowly, if that makes sense. I finally had some time to deal with other things today. I have refunded redbeards money to him as I...
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    FOR SALE 1966 Charger part out

    No problem. I think it's supposed to arrive this week.
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    FOR SALE 1966 Charger part out

    Hi. I emailed you the tracking number.
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    FOUND Building a 68 Charger Console

    Brackets, shift knob, linkage.
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    FOUND Building a 68 Charger Console

    I have most if not all of that. I'll get some pictures.