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    For all of You Train Lovers

    Russian loco: Joseph Stalin. Pseudonym. He was born in Gori, Georgia: Josif Iugashvili. The ...ili in Georgian is "son of".
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    Used torsion bars??

    Do TB eventually deform, and/or lose designed torque resistance, like leaf springs? If so, would the front end sag? Can the bar be twisted, to restore height and response? FWIW, I bought new ones, reasonable price for my 63 Vert, 1.05, I think and am pleased with the ride!
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    Issues with Firm Feel

    Red-Head Steering Gears Sorry the location is Auburn, near Seattle and Tacoma.
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    Issues with Firm Feel

    I visited FF, as i live close. Bad idea, as they work ostensibly out of their house, and neighbors may complain. They seemed honest, but have huge, long backlogs. I took my steering box to Red Head in Arlington WA and they instantly rebuilt it and have provided superior, personal service - it...
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    Starting SR 71-71 Engines

    The gray black delta in formation is 1 of 2 F-16XL prototypes, an expansion of the "day desert dogfighter" into a more capable interdiction penetrator. I was on an evaluation mission, comparing it to the F-15E, which won, and is still being produced. (Why "desert"? Any significant moisture in...
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    E Mopars.

    on a lark, I rented a Mustang Mach E 2 d ago for a short trip to the ocean from Portland. NEVER AGAIN. It took me all afternoon, downloading an app, talking to 2 separate charging companies' reps to turn on the inop, or unresponsive charging station. Then...for 30-40 min, TEN miles more range...
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    Loco in flooded cut is in Melbourne. Yarra gives it away. Trams there - biggest system in the world - are run by Yarra trams.
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    Modern seats

    Are the Audi TT shoulder belts integral with the seat? I have been looking for Sebring convertible seats with integral shoulder belt. Thanks
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    FOR SALE 1963 Plymouth B Body sail panel emblems

    sorry to be dense, but what is a sail panel, and does my 63 SF vert have them? I don't recognize these.
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    FOUND 440 400 383 and 727

    I have a 9.5 cr 400/ Eddie 4bbl and 727 in my 63 SF. Will be selling in next few months, if I can successfully stuff my 418 sonic ram in there. 12,000 miles and painted up nicely.
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    Here in Portland OR an original turntable is being re-installed at the museum, where our 3 steam locos and a private Alco PA-2 live. Oerational next year. Home | Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Great photos of an air show or meet, probably in the 50s or early 60s when France was still in NATO! They left in 65, when i was a boy Lt just declared mission ready in the F-100. We routinely flew over France and there was a NATO gunnery range near Dijon, "Suippes". For extra credit, who can...
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    499 Dyno Results

    BMSC is brake mean specific consumption in lb fuel/hp/hr, best in your motor at the opening value of 3000rpm.
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    Build Thread- 64 Fury Convertible

    What color is your vert top and trim? was it a standard color. Paint code? thanbks!!!
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    Info on the 63 Fury please! Had one, have one now, might lose mind and buy another!!
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    499 Dyno Results

    wow! what is the right hand column? Specific fuel consumption? Thanks.
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    Chrysler Turbine car on display in Washington DC!

    FWIW, I saw the BRM turbine with Rover engine run at Brands Hatch in 67 or 68. It was quietly leading until the engine stuck on and it went into a safety bank. I had a rover P6, sold as the 3500S here, that was designed to accommodate that turbine engine; hence the coil springs are horizontal...
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    SOLD New Big Block 4340 RB 4.15" Stroke Crankshaft, Chevy 2.200" Rod Journals Special Deal $699 Delivered

    Illustrating, again, my ignorance: I have a stock HP 413 sonic ram motor in pieces. Would this crankshaft fit, and increase cu in to...what? And would the 284 Street Hemi cam be correct for the resulting combo? Thanks.
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    Did you paint the bezel? I have 2 for my 63, both badly faded to cream-tan color.