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    440 source head bolts torque

    Does anybody know what the specs are for these bolts on their aluminum heads?
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    Another camshaft break in question

    Was there a break in procedure on the assembly line when these things were built?
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    Exhaust manifold to head gaskets

    I know they did not have a gasket from the factory. But, The gaskets i have are way too big in the port area. There would only be a tiny area of gasket between the flange and the head surface. These came with the complete kit i bought from 440 source. What are you guys using for gaskets?
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    Oil pick up tube installation

    Thread sealant? Or no?
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    Degreeing cam on my 505

    I am assembling my 505 for for fun street driving, so not likely to exceed 5500 -6000 rpm. Cam is a comp (I know) with .525 lift 285/287 duration hydraulic flat tappet. I will be running HP manifolds and stealth heads. The cam is supposed to be installed at a 106 degree centerline. It is coming...
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    Are main bearings made in matched pairs?

    I am putting my 505 together and did not unpackage the bearing myself. The machine shop gave them to me in the factory package. The project has sat a couple of years and been moved around in my shop. I am unsure if the shells got mixed up or not. Should i be concerned?
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    Camshaft installation

    My machine shop prepped the block for my 440/505. I oiled the bearings and cam then slid the shaft into the bearings. It went in fairly well. I am curious about how tight it should be. With the cam gear installed it rotates fairly easily but does not "freewheel" . Is that acceptable? Thanks in...
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    Main studs and windage tray

    i dropped my 440 block at the machine shop today. The guy told me to get some studs ordered for it. This is going to be 4.125" stroke. The arp studs in the summit catalog states that the will not work with a windage tray. I was going to order a tray when i order my crankshaft. Will the tray for...
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    440 source 512 srreet engine

    planning to build one for my 67 RT. Does anybody have any experience? Any advice?
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    B&m torquemaster 2400 behind a 440

    There is a new converter on the local classifieds that i am giving some thought. The car is a street driven 67 coronet with a 440 that has an old purple shaft .284/.484 cam in it. 9.5:1 CR. Stock manifolds 3.73 gears. Currently has the converter from the new yorker that gave up its guts for this...