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    How much travel in accelerator cable?

    my car is put away for the winter. I am putting 2 afbs on it and am tring to get the linkage dialed in. With your foot to the floor, how far does the cable move? Anybody know?
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    Carb rebuild kit recommendation?

    The carburetor shop in forest lake mn is a great place to get carb kits and parts. They are mopar guys too!!
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    Carter AFB fresh rebuild accelerator pump issue. No immediate pump shot, delayed, weak

    As k kid said.. The s shaped link needs to go on in the right direction (as you look at the front of carb the "s" needs to look like an s) If it is installed backward it will bind and stumble etc.
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    67 GTX 440 CARB HELP

    There is a check ball under the accelerator pump nozzle. Might be sticking .
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    building a cross ram maifold for a 440

    Cross rams look way cooler... and good clearance
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    building a cross ram maifold for a 440

    I have been thinking about building one from sheet aluminum. have any of you done this? any advice? I know there are cast manifold out there. my car runs too good with one carburetor- I need two!