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  1. Scooby67

    FOR SALE 500” Stroker Engine Kit

    500“ stroker engine kit purchased from PAW in 2006. Came completely machined and balanced ready for assembly. 440 block .060 over (first photo in large box) Forged steel 4.150” stroker crank PAW 6.760” connecting rods Ross flat top pistons with valve relief Edelbrock 60189 assembled heads...
  2. Scooby67

    WTB Big Block 1.6 ratio roller rockers

    For a 440 with cast heads. Thanks, Joe
  3. Scooby67

    I'll take whatever he's smoking! Lol!
  4. Scooby67

    1969 440 valve lifter

    Apparently he's still trying to pull the lifter through the bore.
  5. Scooby67

    New to Plymouths/Support assebmly for Leaf Springs 73RR

    Simply disassemble and weld.
  6. Scooby67

    WTB BB distributor breaker plate

    Late model 383. I'll have to ask my friend the year. It's single points.
  7. Scooby67

    WTB BB distributor breaker plate

    Need a breaker/points plate for a BB distributor. Thank you!!
  8. Scooby67

    FOR SALE 1965 Dodge Coronet

    There is a drop down at the top of your post. Change the ad to Sold.
  9. Scooby67

    You should start planning now to come to Bandimere Speedway this summer.

    My sister lives in Denver. I fly out every year and we hit the races!! Great time!
  10. Scooby67

    Aaron Hernandez won't be down for breakfast

    The bed sheet was the only tight end when they found him.
  11. Scooby67

    Newbie from the northeast

    Howdy neighbor from Wolcott, CT!
  12. Scooby67

    FOR SALE 1965 Dodge Coronet 500

    Looks like you fixed it!!
  13. Scooby67

    FOR SALE 1965 Dodge Coronet 500

    No worries. Just thought it would be easier for those interested to scroll though your ad.
  14. Scooby67

    What did I find under my valve cover?

    It sounds as if you have the tools to accomplish the job yourself, so go for it. $700 clams to replace $25 in parts is crazy!!
  15. Scooby67

    FOR SALE 1965 Dodge Coronet 500

    Dude, you posted many duplicate photos. May want to delete them.
  16. Scooby67

    WTB Horn Ring Adapter for 65 Belvedere II

    Needed for my 65 Belvedere II. I believe it should look like the one I've posted in the photo. Thanks!!
  17. Scooby67

    Motor Oil opinions

    I change mine after winter storage, since the crankcase builds up moisture from the cold temps, thus contaminating the oil.