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  1. EdFury426

    69 Charger R/T abandoned and left for dead

    Mo - power to you Liberty MW! I went through Vernonia a couple years ago with wife on my Triumph Bonneville sidecar rig (on vacation from Seattle). Did a U-turn when I spotted Myers Auto Body! I couldn't believe my eyes. A superbird and Road Runner in the middle of nowhere (no offense to...
  2. EdFury426

    WTB '67 bucket seat headrests

    Wanted; '67 bucket seat headrests for my Barracuda. These are one year ('67) only, and will measure 7-1/2" center to center on the chrome rods. I have read that B-bodies used the same seats as A-bodies, so I am posting here and in A-bodies only, as well. Thanks, Ed