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    SOLD Parting 67 Coronet R/T

    Glove box door?
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    Bought a pretty clean '66

    I picked up a 66 with original 383 and 4 speed this week but yours puts mine to shame lol. Very very nice.. congratulations
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    FOR SALE Parting 66 coronet 2 doors post

    Wonder if glove box door will fit 66 satelite.
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    Glove box door and manual brake steering conversion

    Any one got a decent glove box door for 66 Satellite for sale? Also who's best vendor for brake and steering conversion kits? Thanks..
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    Free wiring diagrams

    never mind I found it..thanks lol
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    Free wiring diagrams

    Someone posted about free wiring diagram for reference only I think. Can someone send me a link. Thanks
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    Couple Engine Things

    Perfect.. thank you
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    Couple Engine Things

    Thank you Sleeper Bee.. I appreciate your help. This info really helps
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    Couple Engine Things

    Ok.. good idea. Thank you
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    Couple Engine Things

    My 68 Charger has a 74, 440 engine that has been built. I think it may have originally been RV engine but not sure.. I have no idea how much has been done but do know that cam is a little radical thus no vacuum or very little. Can someone give me specs on stock cam or something very close. I...
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    Comment by 'Gldwing57' in item '1969 Dodge Charger'

    Nice the color Great looking ride.. Congrats..
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    727 tranny pans

    Thanks sounds like what I need..
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    727 tranny pans

    Thanks good info
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    727 tranny pans

    68 Charger with 727.. not sure what year tranny is..but had a leak in gasket and pan rough shape ( like in bent and mangled some. Fixed best I could but still got a problem so I figured I'd just replace pan and maybe put one just a little deeper on it. Anyway my questions was the pan design on...
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    Your 'Guide' to the 727/904 transmission

    Great article.. thanks
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    68 Charger electrical schematics

    Ok..thanks. looks great..
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    68 Charger electrical schematics

    Need electrical schematics for mt 68 Charger. Don't mind if its disc or book but rather have book or both. Dont mind paying for hi quality with explanations and pics. Patrick
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    WTB 7290 slip Yoke

    Looking for 7290 slip yoke. Dr diff is out..