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  1. Beeorange

    My new to me 72 Satellite

  2. Beeorange

    "That" day, the one that is inevitable but hard to deal with...Putting one of our 2 oldest dogs to sleep today...

    Very sorry for the loss of your dog. Have had to make the decision a few times and it’s heart breaking. Two years ago we had to make the decision with our oldest dog as his hips were in rough shape. We had a vet come to our house, it made it a little bit easier. We have two dogs now, 7 and 7 & 1/2.
  3. Beeorange

    For Our E-Body Brutha's - Enjoy!

    I also have an E-Body, U Code 440 4 BBL, FC7 car, customed painted in 1971. I chased this car from 1987 to 2016 when we were finally able to purchase it from the original owner's wife.
  4. Beeorange

    Pics from Back in the Day

    The burgundy 68 GTX look's a lot like ours. Can't tell the interior or stripe color from the picture.
  5. Beeorange

    The official "Happy New Year 2023" thread

    Happy New Year! God Bless!
  6. Beeorange

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    A Merry Christmas to us all and God Bless us everyone!
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    How many of you have a back yard full of cars like me

    Not a lot outside here, though I could get away with more as we only have 1 neighbor. Two car house garage houses the Super Bee & GTX, 2 car detached has the summer only truck and 1 daily driver, enclosed car trailer has the Cuda (the Cuda stays in the detached garage during driving months) car...
  8. Beeorange

    My Car Story with Lou Costible

    Another ops, Belvedere II !
  9. Beeorange

    My Car Story with Lou Costible

    Ops, didn’t think too look in that section for it
  10. Beeorange

    My Car Story with Lou Costible

    Is the 66 Satellite video our own Richard Cranium? I think so :thumbsup: Newest Car Videos - My Car Story with Lou Costabile Thought I would post it up, from one Massachusetts boy to another :) Beautiful car!
  11. Beeorange

    Shop suggestions for a Daytona conversion on a restomod 70 Charger.

    Another vote for American Musclecar Restorations. They did a close friends Duster and they painted the dash for me on my old 68 Charger. Great people doing exceptional work.
  12. Beeorange

    Remembering and honoring the great price of freedom

    My wife and I visited the Memorial back in 2011, very moving. I was very struck by the way the USS Missouri is moored. The Missouri is purposely moored where she is because she stands guard over her fallen comrade, the USS Arizona and her crew. God Bless and thank you all who served and are...
  13. Beeorange

    For Sale *Not Mine* 67 Coronet 500 $19.75k VA

    I agree and like the car. I highly doubt you could buy a rust free example and duplicate the build for that price.
  14. Beeorange

    MotorTrend Car Fix Dodge Coronet

    I watched part of it last night. Too bad as the Coronet was, in my opinion, the perfect candidate for a day two build. Has a cool early 80's street racer look to it. Generally I like the two guys on Car Fix now, but not really sure why you would put that engine in a Coronet. In their defense...
  15. Beeorange

    Finally picked up my new baby today.

    Sweet looking car, congrats on the purchase!
  16. Beeorange

    What are we thankful for this year?

    I’m thankful for all of The Good Lord‘s blessing, too many to list but my wife is at the top of the list!
  17. Beeorange

    Finally found a Super Bee, South Carolina to San Diego...

    I think one of the great thing about musclecars is they were designed to go on long trips/across the country. Congrats on your purchase and successful trip!
  18. Beeorange

    OK so I wanted a Labrador, having had two in the past.

    Congrats, Joie is a great looking pup! Irving is very cute. We have two Spinone Italino’s and they resemble Irving.
  19. Beeorange

    1968 Superbee New interior!!

    Looks great!
  20. Beeorange

    Pics from Back in the Day

    Agreed. I love driving a muscle car at night. Gauges glowing in your face, cooler temps, feels like my youth when I was up to something :) Back in the 80's when I started going to cruise nights, (I'm 53) until mid 2000's we had cruise nights in our area. One, Nick's Ice Cream in Natick Ma...