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    Seat and Steering Sunday

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    Front End FRIDAY!!!

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    Dogs starting to crash after Patty gave them some turkey for dinner.
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    Show Your Car Hauler

    Mine, splits between car and farm duty.
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    A Original 1965 Plymouth Satellite race car NOT MINE

    A 12 second et up here is a 11 second et at sea level. Looks like the car is street driven as it has plates on it.
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    Do you have a game camera?

    Deer is all we usually get out here along with an occasional Coyote.
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    Got back from a trip to the hills with the kids. Had to get away from the heat, low 70s up there today.
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    Wheel Wednesday

    Bogarts on my old Dart
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    Sophie is the same way with a cheeseburger, but she can spit out the pickle every time.
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    1933 Chrysler Desoto

    Good looking car, gotta love a Desoto on a trailer.
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    For Sale - Not Mine: Questionable Coronet R/T on E-Pay

    I agree, 4spd car with an automatic floor, N96 car with an AC fire wall.
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    Pizza night
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    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    Just rough up the area, tape some wax paper to the back side. Then tape some card board to the back and fill the front with JB weld plastic repair. Sand filler and paint.
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    FOR SALE Roadrunner convertible die cast

    Black six bbl, 1-1250 $250. Orange Tom’s Garage, 1-450 $300. Sold. Yellow, 1-2250, $150.sold Blue hemi, 1-1488, $250 Purple white, 1-1302, $250 Pink, 6bbl, 1-199, $500. All are new in the box.
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    The best car photo ever and why you like it.

    Home town days.
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    The best car photo ever and why you like it.

    Just a cool pic.
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    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    Merry Christmas
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    Who likes brown cars ????

    Just got my first Brown car.
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    Check this out !!

    Looking at the back, I'm thinking V Wee or corvair power. Some kind of kit car, Fiberfab maybe.
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    Pole buildings / metal garages

    I have a Cleary building for my shop 40x60 with 10 foot ceilings. Have a lift in the back of it, I opened it up above the lift for clearance.