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  1. 68BabyBlue

    Valuation Ideas On 69 Chargers In The Last 5 Years??

    Back in the day when I couldn't afford either, I preferred the GTX over the Charger. Then in the 1970s they both fell out of favor, and I was able to afford my first GTX. The pendulum will probably swing back in your favor within your lifetime - your financial status will improve, and the cars...
  2. 68BabyBlue

    At What Age Are We Most Attractive?

    This post struck me as an excellent synopsis, now that I'm pushing 70, and have been with my wife since we were both 21. In my teens I was totally unattractive, with the expected results. Made it to round one in my 20s when I reached my physical prime after working out like a fiend, and saw...
  3. 68BabyBlue

    Back in the day pictures of wrecks!

    In 1969 the local Chevy dealer provided the driver ed cars, so I drove an Impala. No simulators. School had a pretty good budget back in the day, so we drove the cars on a "range" with the instructor in a turret, yelling at us on a bull horn. Best defensive driving course came a year later, in...
  4. 68BabyBlue

    Back in the day pictures of wrecks!

    I took driver ed with Amos Neyhart’s protege in the late 1960s at State College High. Signal 30 was removed from the curriculum the year before. Over three decades later, I dug it up, and used it for my orientation class when I was safety director for a major trucking company. Made a serious...
  5. 68BabyBlue

    Would you do it again .....Marriage

    At 45 years last October. Like the seven GTXs, it felt meant to be from day one.
  6. 68BabyBlue

    I know this is a long shot. But have to ask. Would like to find my old 1969 GTX hardtop

    I found the Demonstrator without the VIN. I will ask around at Carlisle this summer. Lightning might strike twice in the same place. The Demonstrator will probably be a conversation starter on factory A/C '69 GTXs.
  7. 68BabyBlue

    What was the first car you can remember liking?

    I still have mine.
  8. 68BabyBlue

    What was the first car you can remember liking?

    A new 1960 Dodge Phoenix, parked next to our 1953 Plymouth Suburban, when my mom and I exited the grocery store one day in the fall of 1959. I will never forget the look of that steering wheel and instrument panel, compared to our frumpy Plymouth.
  9. 68BabyBlue

    1969 Lynch Road production dates, and production numbers by color?!?

    After 50 years, I had the lake wrong. My buddy and I were staying at Lake Cumberland State Park in south central KY, more of a resort than many state parks. We went off site for some groceries, and saw the GTX sitting at a gas station across the street, with a crowd gathered around it...
  10. 68BabyBlue

    1969 Lynch Road production dates, and production numbers by color?!?

    Beautiful car, caught my attention when it came on the market. Thinking it might be the last one I saw on the street, in 1971 when a high school buddy and I spent a week at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky after graduation. He was still raving about that GTX when we were catching up a few weeks ago.
  11. 68BabyBlue

    I'm going to slam college education.

    I have a close friend from the trucking industry who went the vocational school route over 30 years ago, against strong push back from his family. His grandfather was a Penn State professor, father was a local high school teacher. He hated the academically snobby environment of State College...
  12. 68BabyBlue

    1969 Lynch Road production dates, and production numbers by color?!?

    This is anecdotal, but specific to '69 GTXs, as I was a teenager back when they were new, and obsessed with this particular model after test driving a new one. I was always trying to spot them. I've owned four since then, all R6 red. Black ones are/were as rare as hen's teeth. I only saw two...
  13. 68BabyBlue

    I'm going to slam college education.

    Same thing with truck driving schools. Graduates can qualify for a license, but can't drive. Silver lining is it forces companies to retain good older drivers, rather than forcing them out for younger replacements. Only reason I was able to keep working until I was 69.
  14. 68BabyBlue

    3.23 or 3.55, this is the question

    A year ago, I would switch off between my stock 440 GTX with 3:23s, and my Hemi with a 3:73. I used to drive the 440 car 100 miles to the Chrysler Nationals every year, and with 27 inch tires, could cruise with traffic on the four lane easily. Back in the day, the car was raced on a regular...
  15. 68BabyBlue

    Top Results at Mecum Kissimmee 2023

    Over the course of seven GTXs, and a Chrysler 300F, I have experienced much of what you describe regarding the selling experience. Two exceptions, Baby Blue in 2021, and my Hemi car last fall. Both cars went to enthusiasts who loved the cars as much as I did, and were real gentlemen in...
  16. 68BabyBlue

    Top Results at Mecum Kissimmee 2023

    Sad, but true. I was truly blessed that 50 years ago, Julie and Bill Clark, (the original owners of my GTX) took me under their wing, and explained the process to me. To have purchased their legacy in my younger days, and then brought the car to its current level, would have been triple the...
  17. 68BabyBlue

    Top Results at Mecum Kissimmee 2023

    I was there in person, and that GTX was really nice, and I think well bought in the current market. Some other B bodies, not so much.
  18. 68BabyBlue

    All to familiar story....

    My 300f had recepts for parts and labor equaling three times my purchase price.
  19. 68BabyBlue

    New member from Pa

    Welcome from State College.
  20. 68BabyBlue

    Carlisle, 2023

    Off site trailer parking is available south of the show field area. Be prepared to pay a stiff price for a hotel room during the event for anything reasonably close to Carlisle. I've stayed in a suite at the Holiday Inn Express in East Mechanicsburg for the last decade, but I book a year in...