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    Will this Radiator work?

    I'm going to assume the duster was a small block car. If that's the case the bottom radiator hose will be on the passenger side. You could make that work with the 383, but you will need a BB water pump housing that exits on the passenger side instead of the drivers side. Unless you already...
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    FOR SALE Exhaust manifolds

    sale pending on the SB manifold.
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    FOR SALE Transmission Crossmeber

    Transmision Crossmember removed from a 1975 Dodge Charger that had a 360 with 727. It may fit other years as well, but I'm not positive. Asking $20 + shipping
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    FOR SALE Clutch Rods

    A body rod sold
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    SOLD z bars

    I have them listed on Moparts and For A Bodies Only as well. The guy at FABO messaged me 1st.
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    SOLD z bars

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    SOLD z bars

    Z bars. Not sure what any of them fit as they been in my dads garage for years. He has had a, b, e and f bodies thru the years so they could fit any of those. I can take any measurements or pictures needed to help with identifying. Asking $25 each or all 5 for $100. Can be picked up in Keymar...
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    FOR SALE Wheel Covers/Hub caps

    These have been in my dad's garage attic for years so not 100% sure what they came off of, but I think I'm close on some of them. Can take more detailed pictures if needed. All prices do NOT include shipping. 1. 73-75 Plymouth Duster - $20 2. 68-69 Plymouth Valiant and are Part Number 2881752 -...
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    Wheel Covers/Hub caps

    wrong forum.
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    SOLD linkages/levers/brackets

    Various linkages, levers, brackets etc. Asking $30 shipped for all.
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    FOR SALE Exhaust manifolds

    I have 2 exhaust manifolds that have been in my dad's garage for years. I think I have the correct application but not postive. Pictures 1-3 #3830905 75-76 Duster Driver side - Asking $25 + shipping Pictures 4-6 #3462046 - 400 BB, I think truck/van/motorhome. Asking $15 + shipping These can...
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    FOR SALE Clutch Rods

    Pic 1-3 14 1/4" overall. I believed it to be for a Mopar A Body 1967-1976 - Asking $15 + shipping Pic 4-6 13 7/8" overall. I believed it to be for a Mopar B Body 1966-1970 - Asking $20 + shipping
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    3.23 or 3.55, this is the question

    I have 3.55 and 28" tires on my 69 Barracuda. 360 with 727. It's good for going to go get ice cream and driving around town, but if I were to do much highway driving I'm pretty sure I'd want 3.23.
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    Wheel studs

    Summit Racing, Jegs. Maninci racing may even have them.
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    POLL- MSD 6AL & Mallory 6AL - Analog vs. Digital - which one to use? Opinions - POLL

    Have the MSD 6AL box in 3 of my cars without any issues. Been using them fro close to 15 years now.
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    Mopar Performance Valve cover sets are back!

    Glad they are available again and would be interested in a set, but not for that kind of $$. I actually want a set that I can paint the factory engine color, so I'd be more interested in the as cast set instead of the black ones.
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    Roller Cam Extinction?

    It's more of a core supply issue right now than anything. My dad has been needing a cam since April 2022. Nothing fancy just a solid flat tappet around .600 lift for a SB. Ordered a Mopar Perforance one from Jegs that said would ship a in a few weeks back in April...still nothing. After...
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    Dead Head OK?

    Dead head systems are fine especially if your going to be running race gas. If your going to be using pump gas than you may want to consider a return style system. Ever since they started adding ethanol to pump gas it has lowered it's boiling point. With a dead head system and pump gas you...
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    FOR SALE Shifter mounting plates

    Plate #3 sold, Plate 1 still available.