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  1. PlymCrazy

    New from Oregon

    Welcome to FBBO from western NY. Nice looking '67.
  2. PlymCrazy

    New member

    Welcome from western NY! Looks like she's coming along nice :thumbsup:
  3. PlymCrazy

    Another Hot Rod

    Welcome from western NY!
  4. PlymCrazy

    Happy Birthday 67belsat

    Happy belated birthday @67belsat!
  5. PlymCrazy

    Family Tradition - New Member

    Welcome to FBBO from western NY! Always great to see projects with the kids. And an old Charger to boot? Best of wishes in your efforts, and time spent wrenching with your daughter.
  6. PlymCrazy

    1974 Charger 440 Just Joined

    Welcome to FBBO from NY! Nice work! Let's see more pics around it!
  7. PlymCrazy

    New member

    Welcome to FBBO. Any pics of that bird being cooked?
  8. PlymCrazy

    Finished the 68 Project!

    Took your advice and checked that out. Been down with the flu the last few days. Definitely helped my day go by :thumbsup: And very, VERY nice job sir!
  9. PlymCrazy

    1968 Roadrunner refresher

    I’m a little late to the party on this I know man but I gotta say…between the history, family and working to overcoming the obstacles that so often lead to lengthy delay…which often leads to it never seeing completion… Very nice work man! And to think, nearly in my own backyard :thumbsup...
  10. PlymCrazy

    New member

    Dobrý den Martin. Welcome to FBBO from NY. Nice ‘71 Charger project you got there.:thumbsup:
  11. PlymCrazy

    68 coronet project

    Way to jump in and help your pops out in this season of his life. More than commendable if you ask me. I’m not familiar with EFI on these rigs, having only carburetors myself. But this place is loaded with experienced folks in about every aspect, option, modification or flavor you can name...
  12. PlymCrazy

    New to the Mopars!

    Great car to break into Mopar restorations with. Progress looking nice so far :thumbsup: Greetings and welcome to FBBO from western NY!
  13. PlymCrazy

    Dodge Big Horn

    There’s one down…how many more to go? Lol
  14. PlymCrazy

    Dodge Big Horn

    That is very cool but it’s news to me. I’m interested to know now if the fellas I know that own a modern Big Horn are aware of that piece of history.
  15. PlymCrazy

    Happy Birthday VANDAN

    Happy birthday my fellow “western NY’er” @VANDAN!
  16. PlymCrazy

    Hello to all. New to Mopar and B-bodies. I now have a 1969 GTX. Thanks for the add!!!!

    Welcome from western NY. Let’s see some pics of that GTX!
  17. PlymCrazy

    Hello, new 1966 Dodge Charger owner

    Welcome to FBBO. Nice looking Charger. That green sits nice on ‘er.
  18. PlymCrazy

    Ed Story Time - Re: The newest episode of Coldwarmotors YT channel - Fred's 10 seconds of fame!

    Hey, I’m typically down for an “Ed Time Story”. I budget to have to put my thinking cap on and pay attention. Sometimes I save the threads to watch them later when I carve out some free time. Lopy? Choppy? Whatever you call it on your side of the globe, the more it sounds like it’s gonna...
  19. PlymCrazy

    Starter Question

    This is the one I use. I bought mine off Amazon a few years ago though, not Summit. Good if you do a lot of your repairs and diagnosing solo. Innova 3630
  20. PlymCrazy

    New Shoes: Scott Drake Magnum 500's & Mickey Thompson Sportsman ST's

    Looking good man! And the color combo on that car? :thumbsup: