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  1. POPs

    1965 satellite project

    Where in NJ? North/South I'm near Philly do you still have the car ?? [email protected]
  2. POPs

    85 dodge pickup

    LONG BED or SHORT BED :sSig_thanks:
  3. POPs

    66 Barracuda Texas Car

    Damn:Groaner: would cost me More to have it shipped then I could buy it for:sad:
  4. POPs

    1963 dart pro street

  5. POPs

    1965 cuda

    Nice fish
  6. POPs

    1953 dodge chopped rat rod pick up

    Put an OLD "HEMI" Between those fenders:wtg: A Rat Rod always needs an Old School Hemi I'd Trade my 2000 Dodge Ram for that in a Heart beat lol:beerchug: