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  1. POPs

    B body lover

    Whats Not to Love about OLD B-Bodies:sFl_america2:
  2. POPs

    Turbo Coronet R/T

  3. POPs

    New guy in Erie, PA

    welcome: REALLY NICE RUNNER:yes: LOVE the Color and Wheels:sSig_goodjob:
  4. POPs

    New member

    :welcome: Nice Looking Ride you have there
  5. POPs

    new from missouri, my ride

    :welcome: Sweet Ride
  6. POPs

    Cool place !

    Hey Ron:hello: REAL SWEET 63:soda1: POPs
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    New ole guy

  8. POPs

    New guy!

    Hows it Goin everyone. I'm Big Mikes "Old Man" and I'm Building the 64 with him as a Father /Son project. I'm a Big Mopar fan(OLD School) from way back.I have always loved Mopars from the 60s.Was a BIG Fan of Ronnie Sox.(May he RIP) I have always thought that the A/FX cars were the "BADDEST"...
  9. POPs

    everybodys a newbie

    Hey Hello, Big Mike and I are Father and Son and best of Friends we are Building 64 Dodge 440/4 speed about 1/4 of the way done I,m Looking forward to talking B-Bodies and or Mopars in General