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    WTB Top windshield trim for 69 GTX

    Ok I only have convertible pieces..
  2. QuickBpBp

    WTB Top windshield trim for 69 GTX

    Inside? Outside? Convertible or Hardtop?
  3. QuickBpBp

    Engine Identification 440/383?

    @ratpoison2 what's to disagree about? Fat fingered to an X?
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    Rare Nos 67 Coronet Grille surrounds ebay (not mine)

    Holy ****. Thanks for posting as I forgot to check that finished auction...
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    Replace Magnum 500 Center Cap Inserts

    All that you need is a razor blade knife. They can be on the car so no need to remove unless you it's too cold you will want to do it in a warm area so they get good adhesion. Just use the point and pick at the corner as they are more like Foil than a "sticker"...
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    Is he a member here? If so let the mods have his user name..
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    I got Scammed

    Sorry you got scammed but there is information on this site to help you from getting scammed and if you wanted to you could have even asked on this forum about how the transaction was proceeding and members would have told you SCAM. A word about Scammers
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    Any Construction Experts , Home Builders

    Those windows are leaking as this is all water damage and that is not a header above the windows...
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    SOLD 1971 Charger Super Bee LH Standard Grille

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    Can’t message

    Or just leave the messages there and buy a gold membership....
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    Any Construction Experts , Home Builders

    Sounds like it was poorly framed Agreed, could be framed wrong and the load is pushing down the header or something.. The "Illegals" do most of the framing down in Delaware near my Parents and it's horrible I don't even know how it passes code with what I seen on $650,000-700,000 homes.
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    PayPal Fraud Attempt?

    Facebook is mostly scammers so NEVER Friends/Family unless it's someone you know.. I have sold a few things there and only bought two things off of it. One was a perfect transaction the other was a disaster where the guy cashed my Postal Money order after he told me I have not had a chance to...
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    Tom Brady retires. Again.

    They will try. Personally I think it's all BS as SBF was cuddling up to the administration and they allowed it sue them. BUT that being said he will be dragged through the mud none the less..
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    Back in the day pictures of wrecks!

    The "lawyers" are checking the woods for the 6th place to find Top secret classified documents.....
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    Will be chilly in the morning

    Only 29 here now BUT the sun is out!! It's been so long with-out seeing it I thought it too got Built Back Better! :lol:
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    Left lane slugs

    It happens here a lot on the Turn Pike where 2 semi's will be going side by side for miles... It's frustrating but they are 12 times heavier than me so not something to F with...
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    Tom Brady retires. Again.

    Tom may not ride off into the sunset as there is a lawyer that is going after ALL FTX promoters since Tom and his wife along with others used their celebrity to get others involved in the political money laundering scam...
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    For Sale Listing

    If you have 10 and you sold one all you need to do is write a reply saying 9 left...
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    Gold Member Price ?

    $50 to help keep the greatest b-body forum up and running is not a bad investment...That's only about $4.20 a month!! I, like many others are on the forum just about every day. Well worth the $$..