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  1. 451Mopar

    Words you haven't heard in a long time...?

    corduroy pants. Haven't seen them since the 1970's and now it seems they are coming back?
  2. 451Mopar

    3 point seat belt Thread?

    I don't think so? maybe look at the Schrothracing Rallye 3: SAFETY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY » Rallye 3 ASM
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    I'm going to slam college education.

    I did sort of go back to school in 2015. Night classes after work for Welding at Lincoln Tech. I was 52 and most of the students were 18-22? I hope that I set an example of good work ethic for them. Got to class on time, ready to learn, stay busy welding, and after class, stayed and made sure...
  4. 451Mopar

    I'm going to slam college education.

    I have no idea what the formal education system is teaching anymore? I just know it is overpriced. The younger employees I work with seem single track minded to their trained field, and afraid to step out of line. I was sort of the same when I was young, afraid to loose a job or rock the boat...
  5. 451Mopar

    Kick Down or Not?

    Run the throttle pressure linkage/cable, or change the stock valve body to a reverse manual valve body. The Reverse Manual valve body does not need the linkage.
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    Engine load from auxiliary equipment

    What is your altitude? Here in Denver (Mile High) the altitude reduces engine vacuum quite a bit. The EFI with Ignition control should help, but you still need to tinker with the computer settings. You Distributor is fine. Lock it out and use the Rotor that can be phased. Disable the...
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    Calculation for Valve to Piston clearance

    I didn't check the math, but it seems right. It does make an assumption that the valve starts at the same height in the chamber. Need to know how much the valve opens till it is at the head deck surface. The closed valve distance above the deck can be different for many reasons, like the head...
  8. 451Mopar

    Electronic ignition woes what am I missing??

    I had that problem, bad battery cables. Also, check the reluctor to pickup gap.
  9. 451Mopar

    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    Passon was working on the A-855 5-speed transmission, but I don't know anyone who has one?
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    With many of the old Mopars I have had, smoke from burning oil is usually the valve guides and seals. Many times the seals dry up, and crack off. Cylinder wear usually not as big a problem if the engine was maintained and does not have a ton of miles on it. 110 dosen't sound that bad to me, but...
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    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    Overdrive is nice. Axle ratio depends on several factors, mainly type of use (street or racing), the Overdrive ratio, and the tire size. I have a LGT-700 5-speed manual OD (0.68 OD ratio) in the Convertible, and a 3.54:1 Dana 60 axle which is a nice ratio for a street car with 27" tall tires...
  12. 451Mopar

    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    Looks like the correct axle for the car. Not the trans, but the '71 up with the wide bushing front drum are nice because the billet drums are designed for that pump/stator support.
  13. 451Mopar

    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    Which Dakota Digital? The RTX non-rallye or the Charger type Rallye dash? Those look nice, but are pricy.
  14. 451Mopar

    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    Dang, my fender tag is missing too. The guy I bought the car from removed it to paint the engine compartment and lost the fender tag?
  15. 451Mopar

    Sniper EFI Coolant Sensor

    Not that hard to drill and tap another hole in the water pump housing? There are also thermostat housing adaptors to add the sensor too.
  16. 451Mopar

    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    Hope most of the original parts are still there. When I tracked my car back about 3 owners, he bought the car from a used car lot in 1977, and at sometime after the 440/727 was replaced with a 318/833 for fuel mileage, so the original drive train is long gone. Seems it was pretty well stripped...
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    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    Is your car a LA built car? (not sure if this is totally correct for 1968?) WS23L8E vin? Just curious, my 1969 Coronet Hardtop is a Los Angeles built car, and I tracked it back a few owners to 1977, but I think it was in the LA area. Found a girls HS class ring under the back seat. 1978 Santa...
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    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    I would go through the transmission too, at least figure out which year and parts are in it. After 50 years, it might not have the original transmission? If the Input shaft spline count is 19, the transmission is 1966 or earlier (even though my '67 Coronet had a 19 spline transmission?) 1967...
  19. 451Mopar

    Need pins to mate with gauge connector

    Measure the pin diameter on the circuit board to get an idea of the size needed. I think Molex has 0.093" and 0.062" connector pins? Maybe a Deutsch connector pin. Size 16 is 0.063" diameter. Some catalogs that might help:
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    68 Coronet, slow project in Napa, CA

    I think someone had a '69 Hood for sale in the for sale area? They seem to be hard to find.