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    Earthquake this morning, in WNY

    We had a quake roll through this morning. It woke me up, with a pretty good rumble, and within a second, our whole house shook. I looked at my clock, 6:15am. I guess we were right on the line where it passed through, according to the Data being published... What was that? Western New Yorkers...

    FOR SALE 64 Dodge 330 interior door panels

    With the sedan center post, they may be different, as the rails would meet ?

    Car corrals

    Thus the C(entral) B(ank) D(igital) C(urrency). As for OP, bring Cash, enough to cover your most expensive targets, and some extra for those items you never expect to find... Always good to have an extra $100K in your pocket, in case RC needs to sell a Hemi car !!!

    How to quiet down a stroked 383

    I have to ask, Why do you want to quiet it down ? I drive my Mopars, to hear the sound, and watch people turn their heads, mostly smiling, as they remember those days. I never have a radio on, as that engine beat, is "Music" to my old ears...

    '62-'65 Projects, Plans, Pics

    The garage is well insulated. I just haven't gotten to a heat source yet. I need to run a gas line from house to garage. The estimates I got for heat pumps, was out of reach, so I'll be working on some plan for next year, come summertime...

    '62-'65 Projects, Plans, Pics

    The real artwork on the car, was done at an old friends shop. I gave them a 55 year old roller, and now I've got the assemblies, interior, trim, detailing, and tweaking it all for driveability. All that's holding me back, is this unfriendly winter, and no heat in my shop. I'll probably get some...

    '62-'65 Projects, Plans, Pics

    I wrapped my '63 up in early Dec. Can't wait to get back on it, when the weather breaks, and we get some Spring heading in. How about some pics, and plans, or work your doing on these Gems ? I need some boost to get me there, Thanks !!!

    62-65s being crushed vintage yard in socal

    It's the Agenda to Remove available Metals, so they can not be re-used for ?

    Radiator options needed

    Glen-Ray Radiators, Inc. None Better, and Bob and Crew are #1 in a LOT of Our Books !!!
  10. VANDAN

    1964 Polara Trunk Mat

    One of Our Venders here on the site, Richard @ Restoration Parts and Supplies. Sorry if I got the Name wrong Richard. He offers some nice mats, at good pricing, and also an Easy pick up at Carlisle in July. He has a Great offering of parts. Here's a posting from the past: 63 to 65 Dodge and...
  11. VANDAN

    Any Construction Experts , Home Builders

    Even though there is no header, is it possible the windows were never installed properly, and they're just self destructing ? If the weight was bearing down, to warp them, I would think they'd be cracking ? Consider pulling them, install a header properly, and maybe use smaller windows, to...
  12. VANDAN

    FOR SALE 64 Dodge 330 interior door panels

    Are they from a hardtop, or sedan, 2/4 door ?
  13. VANDAN

    Any Construction Experts , Home Builders

    Is there a header above the windows, or is the foundation sill plate all that's there ? You may be carrying the wall framing above, and definitely need a header for correct span. Get some pics up when you can...
  14. VANDAN

    Vinyl resources

    Hope your not in a hurry. I waited 5yrs for completion on mine. I believe they had some labor changes, to cut the waiting time down...
  15. VANDAN

    Vinyl resources

    Maybe a local shop could help you ? You could also go OEM, and order the materials from SMS. Legendary also may have what you need ???
  16. VANDAN

    Will be chilly in the morning

    We had a Miracle, and a Blessing this morning here. After about a Month's absence, the Sun Finally Appeared !!! Temps only in low teens, But Looking Great !!!
  17. VANDAN

    Gold Member Price ?

    I'm settled on this, and done with comments. I was in contact with the Chief...
  18. VANDAN

    Gold Member Price ?

    Must have been CC charges. You needed to go through PP, which I've tried to avoid, with their Woke policies...
  19. VANDAN

    Gold Member Price ?

    So I was trying to renew, and Didn't want to use Paypal. Opted for CC Payment, $55 ? $5 extra for shipping ? Anyone want to comment, Moderators ?
  20. VANDAN

    U drive screws

    Could you use a good quality double sided tape, in case you'd like to relocate it in the future ? Not sure how much weather, or moisture your floors sees ?