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    WTB Wanted 71-2 Road Runner GTX Passenger side door belt molding

    Brett Brett, I didn't find anything up there at the building. I'm sorry.
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    WTB Wanted 71-2 Road Runner GTX Passenger side door belt molding

    Brett, I have at least one pair of top of door stainless trim, but it is still on these doors in another building. Do you know if 71-72 Charger trim is different than Plymouth doors? IDK?
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    Frank from American Pickers

    Praying for you Frank. :thumbsup:
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    Happy Birthday VANDAN

    Happy Birthday Dan... we hope you have a great day today! Keep on Moparing!:bday::bday::bday::bday::bday::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    WTB '64 Polara, '65 Coronet Front Bumperettes

    Dave.... I should have a pretty nice used pair that are still on a 65 Coronet front bumper. Will take a look at them late tomorrow, and report back to you.
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    FOR SALE 66-67 Convertible rear seat

    I will keep you in mind, as I hope to do some salvage yard work in my travels this late spring. @Dodge33
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    FOR SALE 66-67 Convertible rear seat

    66 / 67 Plymouth Dodge convertible seat frame This is a craigslist post, and not mine. Good price IMO.
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    Carlisle, 2023

    Yes... gate 3 is the main gate entrance to the fairgrounds.
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    WTB Saginaw B/RB brackets

    Just a FYI... I know you can buy them at a place called " Hoffmans" just google them. And I might have seen them at Dantes too. You might like to check them out.
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    WTB 1968 Coronet Deck Lid

    I am pretty sure member Moparmarks has one from the western USA.... and I think he still has it, but it does need some sheetmetal work, but as I am sure you already know that this one year t-lid is a very difficult find. If mark can't help you... its probably your only option, to turn to the...
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    Fender installation.

    This is some pretty neat caulking that I did not know existed... but I will be checking it out at Ace Hardware. This store is the first one I pass on my way to town. Thank you for posting this dadsbee!
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    WTB Misc. Poly & Other Small Block Parts

    I have a very nice used single w/pump pulley, not rusty. Also, may have a good dipstick and tube too.
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    Happy Birthday To oldkimmer

    Happy Birthday Olkimmer... hope you have a great day, and a great 2023 too! Note: Today is the day my grandfather was born, 100 years ago, Dec 27th.
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    to all my fellow FBBO members and friends !

    Merry Christmas to everyone here on the site! :thumbsup:
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    WTB Need `70 gas tank brackets, the ones that are spot welded to the center support.

    Correct. Like I said, in my last post if you want to use the locater tabs during the 68-9 years, that would work too. It's really up to you what you want. I can check in our shop, and see if we may have some good locating tabs.
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    WTB Need `70 gas tank brackets, the ones that are spot welded to the center support.

    Originally on the 70 B-body, they positioned 2 rubber blocks that were held in place by factory screws, attaching them too the gas tank crossmember. IMO, there should not be an issue using the 68-69 B-bodies locating tabs, as long as you make certain you get them in the correct spots, or as...
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    1971-74 B-Body Rocker Drainage

    There is an opening way underneath the rocker/quarter, and IIRC it is a smaller rectangular slot, it also could have rounded ends, and be very close to the rocker pinch weld seam. If I had the 72 Charger quarter panels here with me, and not in storage, I could tell you promptly. Good luck.
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    SOLD Road Runner Emblems

    Ok... thanks.