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  1. turbine68rt

    Pertronix Flame Thrower Mounting Position

    Just got a new #40011 flame thrower since it fell within the oem specs for primary & secondary resistance. Runs and looks great after painting and adding ECS stencil kit. Now I find out that mounting it in a horizontal position on the intake the way it was originally isn't ideal since it's oil...
  2. turbine68rt

    Compact Battery Jumper Pack Suggestions

    Anyone have experiences, whether good or bad, with any of the wide variety of the compact jumpers on the market? Any particular brands/power output that can be recommended for starting a big block? There's a lot to choose from out there, just thought it would be good to hear some real world...
  3. turbine68rt

    Points Cam & Stop Plate Surprise

    So I was at the yard today for a replacement radio for the wife's Jeep and took a look through the old section where there was a 62 Belvedere 4 door I saw a few times before. Still had the original poly 318, no mods. I took out the original points distributor to compare the cam measurements with...
  4. turbine68rt

    Finding replacement vacuum advance canister

    Does anyone know of a good source to obtain a stock replacement vacuum advance canister? It's for a big block points unit. In order to complete mine, a friend gave me his reman distributor so I could use his advance unit. Works great, but now I'm trying to find a new one for him before I return...
  5. turbine68rt

    How is this even possible?

    Has anyone ever had one of the Prestone jumper packs from the 90's? I bought this new, and can usually date things based on what car I had at the time. I bought a 1988 Shelby Z Daytona in 2000 and went junkyarding almost weekly to find nicer parts, add options, etc. I already had this jumper at...
  6. turbine68rt

    Renewing a reproduction battery

    I have a repro Mopar group 27 battery I bought 12 years ago and it performed great all those years, but now it's starting to crank much slower even after the tender had it fully charged. Are there any links or suggestions out there that describe how to install a replacement battery inside the...