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  1. JimKueneman

    Wanted to say "Hey"

    Welcome. Year One is the distributor for M&H reproduction harnesses. Problem is they are 8 month leadtimes.
  2. JimKueneman

    '65 Coronet 500 - adventure begins

    Oh boy you have not heard of the MOPAR Tax on MOPAR parts! Prepare your wallet. :steering:
  3. JimKueneman

    '65 Coronet 500 - adventure begins

    Welcome. Coronets rule.
  4. JimKueneman

    Hello from dusty Arizona

    From Sonoita Az
  5. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet R/T Convertible

    I just reread this. Mine came out of State College as well and was taken off the road in 1985 with a Pa plate on it. She had a 1968 State College Parking Permit on the rear bumper.
  6. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet R/T Convertible

    Welcome. ‘68 Coronets have a soft spot.
  7. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet R/T Convertible

    :) No kidding!
  8. JimKueneman

    New Guy with 68 Coronet 500!

    Welcome. I am biased but ‘68 500 Coronets are the best! I would give my left...... anything for a ragtop!
  9. JimKueneman

    Enjoy reading Mopar posts

    Welcome and very cool, but :xscuseless: LOL! I left the 318 in my Coronet with a few mods. It works just fine for how I drive it! Jim
  10. JimKueneman

    Lifelong Mopar guy

  11. JimKueneman

    Old Car Guy

    Welcome from ex-Upstate.....
  12. JimKueneman

    Proud 68 Coronet Owner

    Haha. I could have stopped yesterday and checked it out! Drove through Bastrop yesterday going to the Austin airport!
  13. JimKueneman

    Proud 68 Coronet Owner

    Great car but I am also a bit biased.
  14. JimKueneman

    67 coronet

    Your lucky :). I have a 100+ mile ride every time I drive the Coronet or Duster!
  15. JimKueneman

    67 coronet

    Depends on the part of the country you live in! If it is hundreds of mile between gas stations then the 318 is a great choice ;)
  16. JimKueneman

    67 coronet

    Mine has a 2.94 sure-grip so there is no flipping way the 318 will ever light them up :)
  17. JimKueneman

    67 coronet

    If you want to cruise and enjoy the drive the 318 is great. If you want to do burnouts and hot rod then 360 minimum or go the BB. My Coronet is a 318 and it cruises down the Interstate all day long at 80 mph and works just fine.
  18. JimKueneman

    I have an A body can i stay ?

    I haven't been kicked off yet....
  19. JimKueneman

    Why I'm restoring and not restomoding without matching numbers

    Welcome and you do have a job ahead of you. '66/'67 Coronet parts are hard to find and $$$$ as very few reproductions are made for them. They are beautiful cars though so go for it!
  20. JimKueneman

    New member from Arizona.

    Welcome from Sonoita!