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  1. Paul_G

    73 Charger 440 1 7/8" headers

    Looked at Dougs and there D452 fit up to 72. Any idea what will fit a 73?
  2. Paul_G

    Quiet the exhaust a little

    My 73 has a 383 engine with a little bit of cam in it, 230 duration 480 lift cam, long tube headers, a new 2 1/2" full exhaust with X pipe, and an old pair of Cherry Bomb turbo mufflers. I have used sound prevention and heat insulation material on the floors and roof. On the highway the car is...
  3. Paul_G

    Pypes SMB10 exhaust do it yourself install

    This is the no muffler kit. I re-used the existing Cherry Bomb chambered mufflers. The kit does not include the extension pipes from the headers or manifolds. You have to get those separately. I used the Hedman 18806, 5 1/2" offset ones. Long enough to cut in the middle and line up through the...