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    440 source head bolts torque

    Does anybody know what the specs are for these bolts on their aluminum heads?
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    Five Years of "Chrysler TorqueFlite A-904 & A-727 Transmissions: How to Rebuild".

    I bought one, though i have not rebuilt a transmission with it yet, i know it will be a great resource when i do. The pictures and descriptions are excellent.
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    Another camshaft break in question

    Was there a break in procedure on the assembly line when these things were built?
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    Exhaust manifold to head gaskets

    I know they did not have a gasket from the factory. But, The gaskets i have are way too big in the port area. There would only be a tiny area of gasket between the flange and the head surface. These came with the complete kit i bought from 440 source. What are you guys using for gaskets?
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    Oil pick up tube installation

    Thread sealant? Or no?
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    Degreeing cam on my 505

    It is the cam that 440 source recommended for my situation. Can always change it later. Thanks!
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    Degreeing cam on my 505

    I have the card in my shop, i will be going there this morning. Bee1971- how did you like it? Sorry for the confusion, it's been a couple decades since i last built an engine that wasn't a two stroke.
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    Degreeing cam on my 505

    I think it was this one
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    Degreeing cam on my 505

    I have to double check my numbers, might have fat fingered it.
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    Degreeing cam on my 505

    Thanks, i kind of fugured as much. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Degreeing cam on my 505

    I am assembling my 505 for for fun street driving, so not likely to exceed 5500 -6000 rpm. Cam is a comp (I know) with .525 lift 285/287 duration hydraulic flat tappet. I will be running HP manifolds and stealth heads. The cam is supposed to be installed at a 106 degree centerline. It is coming...
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    Are main bearings made in matched pairs?

    Thanks for the answers . It's been 20 years since i have assembled a car engine. I've been concentrating on 2 stroke snowmobile engines. They have a lot fewer parts to keep track of.
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    Are main bearings made in matched pairs?

    I am putting my 505 together and did not unpackage the bearing myself. The machine shop gave them to me in the factory package. The project has sat a couple of years and been moved around in my shop. I am unsure if the shells got mixed up or not. Should i be concerned?
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    67 R/T 440 air cleaner

    My dad purchased his first RT new in 67. It was an automatic car. His came without snorkels . He has pictures from back then. From what we have seen, and heard it seems to be random (maybe a supplier issue early on?) It would be cool to find out the actual reason .
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    Camshaft installation

    Thanks for the quick reply!
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    Camshaft installation

    My machine shop prepped the block for my 440/505. I oiled the bearings and cam then slid the shaft into the bearings. It went in fairly well. I am curious about how tight it should be. With the cam gear installed it rotates fairly easily but does not "freewheel" . Is that acceptable? Thanks in...