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    Ignition Selection

    When was the last time the carb was rebuilt? Accelerator pump may need replacing along with a very good cleaning/adjusting.
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    Ignition Selection

    Upgrade.... as in less maintenance? Really nothing wrong with points and a good quality coil.
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    If you are running it on the street most of the time you may seriously want to consider getting a distributor with vac advance. You can always tailor the initial and mechanical to your needs with an FBO limiter plate. The locked out units are usually race-only. Some good info in this article...
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    1965 Coronet Hardtop-What are these clips for?

    Yes that's correct.
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    Car cover

    Looks like i'm a half hour too late
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    Choosing a color

    I'll drink to that :drinks:
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    63 Plymouth Question

    I knew that.....I was just quoting your post where it said "automatics & manuals had a nss"
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    63 Plymouth Question

    63 manuals had a rooster comb?
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    63 Plymouth Question

    My friend just fixed the same issue he had with his 65 Coronet. Turned out to be a bad ignition switch. He reused the original tumbler with the new switch. No more screwdriver-to-the-relay routine.
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    Big block auto trans

    2 different housings for big and small blocks
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    Big block auto trans

    Pm sent
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    Prices are down at BJ

    69 Coronet R/T for under 30k??
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    Prices are down at BJ

    Anyone catch the blue 71 Hemi Cuda convertible clone? I think that went for under 70k. Wow