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  1. JimKueneman

    Federal PS Pump Front Bushing

    I can easily find a reseal kit for the Chrysler Federal PS pops but I can't seem to find a front bushing. Anyone know where to buy the front bushing? Thanks, Jim
  2. JimKueneman

    Quality Brake Drums for a 68 Coronet

    Is it a dream to hope there are still quality brake drums available for old Mopars? I searched for new old stock but it looks like that well went dry long ago. Where would I look? If it says made it China I immediately place them in poor quality bin. thanks, Jim
  3. JimKueneman

    Steering Column and PS Gear

    Should the coupler on the column go in any position to the steering gear? I am having a heck of a time getting mine back in. I have wiggled, jiggled and rubber mallet'ed the coupler but I have only got it to go on about as far as the grove for the roll pin. It did not come off this hard....
  4. JimKueneman

    Disassembling Steering Column

    The manual warns of using special tools to disassemble the column on my Coronet. All I want to do is disassemble it enough to bead blast and paint the tube and cover. Are the tools necessary? Can I get it apart enough to paint it without the tools? Jim
  5. JimKueneman

    Power Drum Brakes

    Is this a factory Booster? Something about that tag does not feel right... Can't really read it but it says 67-68 Coronet Charger and a bunch of number/letters
  6. JimKueneman

    UCA Cam Bolts

    I just realized that in my reference photos the stock direction of the cam bolts on the upper control arm is the nuts are in the engine compartment. It looks cleaner with the nuts in the wheel well. Does it matter the direction the cam bolts are facing? Jim
  7. JimKueneman

    To FirmFeel or not

    I am completely rebuilding my '68 Coronet. I just restored the K-Frame and installed new everything OEM Moog in the steering (except pitman arm for now). I am struggling on the $600 (including shipping and pitman arm) cost of a stage 2 Firmfeel power steering gear. Convince me one way or...
  8. JimKueneman

    Parking Brake Cable Removal

    '68 Coronet. How is the parking brake cable clip released where the cable goes through the torsion bar support? I am not understanding the mechanism. Is the keeper on the back side of the cable clipped on and it pops off or do you squeeze it and push the cable back through the frame like...
  9. JimKueneman

    Getting this #$%^ PB Booster out of my '68 Coronet

    So I have ended up stripping my Coronet to get this Power Brake Booster out and I still can't figure it out.. Well maybe I stripped it for other reasons but I am struggling to figure out how to get the damn thing disconnected from the brake peddle. The manual just says disconnect it in step...