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  1. Paul_G

    Insane parts prices!

    I heard Jay Leno one time sate "if your making money restoring cars your doing it wrong". I have done several as I call them "rescues". Cars that needed desperate help to make them run and drive safely. Or just get them back on the road. There is money in doing that all be it very little...
  2. Paul_G

    Insane parts prices!

    On the other side being rare and low production means not many buyers either. He can keep them. When he is gone they will be sold for 50 cents a pound.
  3. Paul_G

    Insane parts prices!

    I took a bunch of stuff to Spring Fling a couple years ago to sell, not to show and transport back home. I bartered some but made sure the other guy took it home and not me. Git rid of a lot, had no offers on others.
  4. Paul_G

    Insane parts prices!

    I have. The guy can ask any ridiculous amount he wants. It won't sell, just a waste of time. There is a lot of overpriced "gold" in the for sale section.
  5. Paul_G

    1972 Plymouth Satellite (electric)

    I like to see the projects creative people build. For example, I am not a low rider guy, or bouncing cars. But to look at how those guys build them, the ingenuity and craftsmanship is out of this world. You have to respect that.
  6. Paul_G

    1972 Plymouth Satellite (electric)

    Thats pretty awesome. I am no fan of electric cars, mainly because I am a dinosaur who doesn't like change. But the build quality and the tech in that car is great.
  7. Paul_G

    73 Charger SE big block im thinking about buying(but idk if $2900 is a good deal for it)

    It can be restored. Does the cost matter to you? I would estimate the mechanical and interior restoration will cost around $20,000 not including any labor. That is doing it on the cheap using used parts and rebuilding/restoring what you have when you can. Sunroof parts are going to be almost...
  8. Paul_G

    1973 Charger SE Sunroof

    Nice car! Looks to be original unrestored, is that correct?
  9. Paul_G

    Aftermarket stereo's in a 71 B body

    If you want a decent head unit with some of the new tech like hands free phone usage you have to go with an under dash unit.
  10. Paul_G

    Door alignment issue with body

    Have the quarter panels been replaced? They may not be in the original factory positions. Same if the doors have been straightened out in the past. General build quality, panel alignment, door gaps, etc. were not all that good to begin with 50 years ago.
  11. Paul_G

    '73 Charger Rear window defogger wiring diagram

    That is the only diagram in the service manual.
  12. Paul_G

    '73 Charger Rear window defogger wiring diagram

    I will take a pic of the wiring diagram and attach it. This is for the switch under the dash.
  13. Paul_G

    72 ssp

    It is not a cheap swap. Everything has to change. Trans, since the big blocks have a different bolt pattern. The 904 you most likely have now wont bolt up to a big block, you will need a 727. Your 904 does not have the same linkage you will need with a 727. Get all the 727 linkages including...
  14. Paul_G

    400 big block dyno run

    My 72 Charger weighed 4200# with me in it. 3.91 gear sure grip, automatic, 275/60-15 tire. Dynoed at the tire 255HP, 350 TQ. Ran low 15's quarter mile. Best run ever in Vegas was a 14.9. You are very similar in weight and power.
  15. Paul_G

    ‘73 Taillight housing woes

    Ebay is your friend. You will find some decent housings on there sometimes. Prices are going up, but they are there. I have repaired many. Plastic weld does work. Finding a good housing that needs little repair is the best bet.
  16. Paul_G

  17. Paul_G

    Will a stock 400 smoke the tires?

    In the 1/8th
  18. Paul_G

    74 Charger Glove Box Light

    This is my Silver 73 Rallye I am referring to. No filler plug either, just an open hole. It has no fender turn signals either, so I would say it does not have the A01 package. My Yellow 73 Rallye has all of that.
  19. Paul_G

    74 Charger Glove Box Light

    I have a 73 Rallye here right now with no gloves box light, no ash tray light, no ignition key light,, and no map light. Probably a package the car does not have.
  20. Paul_G

    73 satellite fuel sending unit removal

    Makes sense. Mine was 2 1/2" and made at the exhaust shop.