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  1. Paul_G

    2 cylinders destroyed

    I had the procharger on the 383 for a while. Got it all dialed in. AFR's at WOT in the high 11's. It was running great, till it died. Cylinders 4 and 6 are destroyed. The others show just a little detonation, could pull a bit more timing but nothing destructive like 2 and 4. It is a 452 headed...
  2. Paul_G

    New clutch = no good

    I put a new clutch in the 73. It has a stock built 440. The bearing retainer was leaking badly, while down to fix that I put a new clutch in as well. The old disc was oiled up so even tho only 2000 miles on it, it had to go. I got a Zoom MU 1858-1a from Summit. Stock replacement Borg and Beck...
  3. Paul_G

    Hemi rebuild

    Starting the rebuild of of a Gen II Hemi. Are there any books that cover this in detail? Any tips and advice is welcome.
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  5. Paul_G

    Toasted the clutch, only lasted 5000 miles

    Mcleod dual friction clutch. Very disappointing. It is supposed to handle 500 HP. My 383 was only 300 at best. The car was on the dragstrip a few times, and spent a weekend on the autocross track. The 383 engine is out right now, my 505 stroker is going in. So I have to decide on what to do with...
  6. Paul_G

    727 truck trans with short tail and fixed yoke

    I have a good 727 but it has the fixed yoke. Will need a drive shaft with a slip yoke to use it. Any one know make model of truck I might find in the bone yard with a slip yoke drive shaft I can use?
  7. Paul_G

    Engine painting

    I finally pulled the 505 out of the corner to get started on the rebuild. I originally painted it blue using the Dupli Color spray cans of Chrylser blue. That is crap paint. I am changing the color to Hemi Orange now, so the block has to be completely stripped of all the blue. I am using...
  8. Paul_G

    46RH torque converter lock up

    This does not happen all the time. As the car is coming to a stop the engine rpms come way down till the engine starts to buck, and the engine will die as it stops if I dont put it in neutral. It feels like the torque converter is in lock up when it should not be. Here is the thing, I have a...
  9. Paul_G

    Hemi valve lash

    Indy Cylinder head 528 ci Hemi. The valve train is very noisy. I dont know when the last time the lash was checked, if ever. I pulled the valve covers to have a look around. The cold lash settings on the intake side were from .015 to .026, exhaust side .014 to .050+. I have no cam spec other...
  10. Paul_G

    Smoke coming out the breathers

    There is a lot of smoke coming out the breathers from both valve covers. This is on my Indy Cylinder headed 69 RR 528 Hemi. The valve covers have breathers with a hose connection. They ran the hose down to the under side of the car, like a road draft system. It smokes the worst after a good romp...
  11. Paul_G

    Correct drive shaft length

    Any one know what the driveshaft length should be for 73 Charger 400 speed?
  12. Paul_G

    What do we know about American Powertrain Mopar big block bellhousing? They are priced at $439 brand new. Some reviews say the starter fitment can be an issue.
  13. Paul_G

    What broke first and caused the carnage?

    This is the 73 Charger I brought home a few weeks ago with an engine that would not run. That problem is solved, now this. Before driving the car I gave it a once over, replaced brake hoses and bled the brakes, checked the steering components, nut and bolt check on the suspension, did the...
  14. Paul_G

    After the catastrophe

    My new 505 suffered an extreme over heating issue with 100 miles on the build. A core plug came out at triple digit speeds. I did not know it till the engine was smoking. Blew a head gasket, burnt a groove between 3 and 5 cylinders in the TF PP240 head. The story is here...
  15. Paul_G

    Cross ram manifold, common plenum or two single planes?

    Wondering if the cross ram is actually two single plane manifolds in one, or if the two carbs share a common plenum? I have never seen one opened. Trying to find a way to verify that both carbs are synched together, and pulling equally. Would a vacuum gauge connected under each individual carb...
  16. Paul_G

    What is the cubic inch and compression ratio of this build?

    For the second time, I just picked up my stroker engine from the machine shop. Had a bad failure shortly after start up last year. On the highway a freeze plug came out and toasted the engine. There are other threads on that. The machine shop made good on the engine. Repaired the burn through of...
  17. Paul_G

    Anchor transmission mount is crap

    I put a new trans mount in my 73 when I rebuilt the drive train, 4 speed trans, strong 383 engine, there seemed to be few choices. I went with the most common one, Anchor, 2512 or 2525 was the part number regardless of brand. Going through the gears I could here something thumping under the...
  18. Paul_G

    sure grip is not so sure

    8 3/4 sure grip is no longer spinning both wheels. It is the cone type. Can it be rebuilt, or is there another way of repairing it?
  19. Paul_G

    Crankshaft prep

    I am rebuilding a 383. The crank still has STD bearings in it. There is some scoring on the journals. Lines I can feel with my finger nail. The rear one is the worst. I went over them with some 1000 grit paper wetted with WD40. They came out pretty good except the rear one, it still worries me...
  20. Paul_G

    Measuring cam lobes

    The 383 is apart for a refresh. The cam is a Crane HMV 278-2, 222/234 @50, 467/494 lift, 114 LSA. I measured the cam lobes looking for variance, and I found it. The exhaust valves range from 1.591 to 1.598. The intakes range from 1.571 to 1.580, except one lobe that is 1.543. That is .030"...