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  1. turbine68rt

    What power steering pump does my '64 Polara have?

    Federal/TRW. Caps are avail on places like ebay but rather expensive imo.
  2. turbine68rt

    I'm going back to manual adjustment on my 11" front drums ('68 GTX)

    As well as cars like 68-69 Charger R/T's.
  3. turbine68rt

    Leaking TRW/THOMPSON ps pump

    Pm me your mailing info and I'll send it.
  4. turbine68rt

    Leaking TRW/THOMPSON ps pump

    Or....just use the rtv in the groove. Done.
  5. turbine68rt

    Leaking TRW/THOMPSON ps pump

    If you decide to use the ultra black you can eliminate the o rings. If, however you insist on using them I have a new kit that I didn't need since the rtv did the trick. I can send it to you no charge.
  6. turbine68rt

    Leaking TRW/THOMPSON ps pump

    Had a similar leak in my trw pump for decades. After complete disassembly and cleaning, and removal of the large o-ring, I filled the o-ring groove with plenty of ultra black rtv, along with where the reservoir seals to the pump on the back bracket bolt. Let it completely dry, trimmed cured...
  7. turbine68rt

    Power steering hose mess

    On the left is the later version, earlier on the right.
  8. turbine68rt

    Power steering hose mess

    Make sure that you are using the proper style fitting on the pressure hose. I believe it changed after '68.
  9. turbine68rt

    Power steering hose mess
  10. turbine68rt

    Power steering hose mess

    No time for that Don, you have a Charger to finish up.
  11. turbine68rt

    Power steering hose mess

    I'm hoping the terminal end is just laid there during storage since it's not actually connected in the pic.
  12. turbine68rt

    Power steering hose mess

    The pressure hose you have is sort of a common replacement piece that's currently available, but not exactly an oem fit. I used to have that same one for many years and hated it. It took me 25 years to find one, but this is the style you probably need. It's a direct replacement for the original...
  13. turbine68rt

    Leaf springs and coilovers ?

    Just installed a set of monroe load leveler shocks. Gave me an extra 1.5" at the bumper.
  14. turbine68rt

    DRUM Brake Overhaul - Now, for something totally different...

    Aside from the higher boiling point, and not absorbing moisture, keeping the paint nice even after a spill is a plus on a high dollar ride with dot5.
  15. turbine68rt

    68 charger rt. Leaf spring questions

    There is one extra on the passenger side.
  16. turbine68rt

    68 Charger brake line question

    Mine has power drums and goes over the frame
  17. turbine68rt

    Reproduction drum brake master cylinders ????

    I think I paid almost that amount just for my correct lid 10 years ago. Looks like a nice piece.
  18. turbine68rt

    69 Bee front to rear brake line.

    I'm guessing proportioning valve since it lists it for disc/drum applications.
  19. turbine68rt

    No pressure to rear brakes 11" drums

    Went to bleed mine about 5 years ago and got nothing from the rear cylinders. Turned out to be a clogged flex hose. Replaced all hard lines with a stainless fine lines set, all flex hoses and wheel cylinders. Right after that I got a hissing from the booster at full travel. Had to have that...