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  1. Paul_G

    69 convertible top cylinders

    The cylinders are leaking through the seals. Is there a shop that rebuilds them? Or who sells new ones?
  2. Paul_G

    Alternator brackets, A/C or no A/C

    I am finding a large mix of alternator brackets were used over the years. some are designated for A/C, others are not. Does it really make a difference? I am using the top one below. I guess it is a non A/C bracket, even though it was on the 78 motor home 440 that had a single belt A/C. I am...
  3. Paul_G

    Strange engine noise

    The 318 in a friends 73 Plymouth started making a very odd noise. Sounded like something rubbing along with a bearing going out, both sounds at the same time. Sounded like it was coming from inside the engine. Oil pressure is normal, engine hitting on all eight cylinders. Running normally...
  4. Paul_G

    900 RPM idle

    The factory under hood engine tag is still there. 1973 Charger, 400 4bbl, 4 speed. It says the idle should be 900 RPM. That seems a little nuts to me.
  5. Paul_G

    Runs fine on 87

    Have put about 300 miles on the rebuilt 383 now. First tank was the remainder of the 91 octane gas. Ran that out with no issues. Put 10 gallons of 87 in the tank and surprisingly there were no issues with that. Just put 10 more gallons of 87. I think the 383 is going to be happy with no high...
  6. Paul_G

    Window fell in to the door

    The rollers are broken on the track. Plastic laying in the bottom of the door. Needs a rebuild kit. The kit is about $90, does both doors. What can I expect labor to be to replace the rollers and plastic parts? 73 B body.
  7. Paul_G

    Trunk lid rattles

    The trunk lid rattles badly. It is not glued to the support frame at all. What product can be used to seperate the two, or glue together the trunk outer skin to the inner structure?
  8. Paul_G

    1967 fiberglass hemi hood scoop

    Is this worth picking up? When I get the 505 installed in the 72 Charger, flat hood, It is going to need a hole cut and a scoop over it to close the hood. He is asking $140 but does need some repairs. Very nice shape, solidly made. Needs a couple chips fixed and one mounting lug is missing. At...
  9. Paul_G

    NAPA is starting to suck

    The local store changed hands a few years ago. Been down hill ever sense. New counter guys are not very knowledgeable now. I went in for front brake parts for the 73, complete overhaul, they had a $75 rebate on $250 or more. Great, so I ordered my parts and fluids and everything, over a couple...
  10. Paul_G

    The tune up

    The car is a 73 Charger with a 68 383 and 4speed manual, 323 geared sure grip. Basic street engine with a crane hyd flat tappet cam, 222°/234° @ 0.050", 114° lsa, 0.467"/0.494" lift. Stock 73 spread bore intake with adapter running a Proform 750 mech sec carb. Iron heads with long tube headers...
  11. Paul_G

    Cam specs for stock cam

    Is there any way to find out the specs for an original equipment cam? We have the Mopar part number, 4071085. Any help is greatly appreciated.