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  1. JimKueneman

    Trunk Weatherstrip

    Can someone post a few shots of the correct positioning of the trunk weatherstrip for a '68 Coronet type B-Body? Not how the ends are suppose to be offset from the middle by a few inches but where it lays on the body lip along the dutchman panel and sides then at the back of the opening by the...
  2. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet Decals

    I took great photos of all the decals on my Coronet.... except for these two.... The one of the right is the coolant decal. I am at a loss as to what the one on the left is. I looked through Classic Industries offerings and there are a couple that are close, Hot Weather coolant and Battery...
  3. JimKueneman

    Jack in a '68 Coronet

    Embarrassing as it is to ask can someone post a photo of a correctly installed bumper jack as it is stored in the trunk.....
  4. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet Body Plugs

    Does anyone reproduce the special body plug that goes in the radiator area, left and right, where there is a large hole (larger than the other body plug holes) and has a hole in the middle and split up the hole. It allows the wires to move from under the hood to into the fender area to get to...
  5. JimKueneman

    Coronet Interior Trim Part - Where does it go?

    I need help assembling again . It was obvious when I removed it but where does this go? My note to self was not enlightening.. 1968 Coronet 500..
  6. JimKueneman

    Hood Lip Chrome Trim on '68 ('69) Coronet

    Can anyone verify that there was a factory hood lip chrome piece on these cars? I am not finding one in the parts manual but my hood has holes for something along the hood. Jim
  7. JimKueneman

    '68 318 Sagnaw PS Pump Bracket

    I have a part left over when reassembling my 318 with PS/AC. This fat washer was with the PS bracket parts and I can't find a photo of my disassembly of where this thing went. It seems special... Thanks,
  8. JimKueneman

    Hood Insulation

    '68 Coronet. I ordered this from Classic: It is nice but it is not really like the original. It is sort of "crispy" like foam core material. The original was more "fiberglass" insulation like. The Coronet hood...
  9. JimKueneman

    68 Coronet Hood Seal

    anyone have a photo of the orientation and direction of the molded ribs (towards the hood or radiator support) of the seal that clips to the hood? It has two notches that look like they should allow the hood bumper to pass through but it just looks wrong. Thanks Jim
  10. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet Window Seal/Felt

    I bought the felt strips for the front of the door glass that fit into the vent window channel and the felt channel that rivets into the rear window channel that bolts into the door from Restoration Specialties. Now that I am working on putting the glass back in it has dawned on me that I never...
  11. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet Left Fender Splash Shield

    I am looking for the metal splash shield and attachment bolts that fits in the drivers side inner fender. It a small plate about 4"x8" that fits in the upper front of the fender and keeps junk from accumulating on top of the headlight housings. if you have one that you are will to part with...
  12. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet hood latch

    Anyone have a hood latch they would part with? It is not clear if mine is OEM or not but it feels really flimsy and the springs are gone so you have to manually reset it. Jim
  13. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet Front Fender

    Restoring a '68 Coronet 500. I realized yesterday that the left fender has been replaced through a few clues (no under coating and a big part number stenciled on the inner surface). Next I realized that the left side did not have a Pentastar Medallion on it and the rocker moulding clip is...
  14. JimKueneman

    Vent Window Frame and Door Glass

    1968 Coronet HT. 1) How do you disengage the side window glass from the track that is part of the vent frame so I can get the glass out? 2) I want to at least move the vent frame somewhat so I can sand and paint the door without worrying about scratching the frame chrome. Is there a trick to...
  15. JimKueneman

    Trunk Wire Retainers

    Are the welded in tabs with the rubber coating that hold the tail light wiring to the trunk floor available aftermarket? From where? '68 Coronet Thanks Jim
  16. JimKueneman

    '68 Coronet Rocker Trim Clips

    I am sure this is obvious but how are the plastic clip held into the rocker panel on this car? Are they just popped into rocker and I am just not pulling hard enough? Jim
  17. JimKueneman

    What's is missing?

    1968 Coronet 500. What is missing from the firewall right above the brake booster?
  18. JimKueneman

    Let the Restoration Begin, NOOB questions...

    I got my '68 Coronet 500 home tonight, with a little drama. The J hooks/chains on the flat bed crumpled the gas tank and now I have a varnish (I mean gas) leak. The car has not been driven since 1984 so that gas is _really_ old. This may have been a good thing so I can get a new tank from the...
  19. JimKueneman

    First Project Car in 30 years

    I am looking for a project car to get back into the groove. What is anyones opinion on this '68 Satellite? It is has a 318, A/C, Power Steering and Brakes. It is currently in the southwest but clearly did not start its life there. It looks like it has the rear window rust out problems bad...