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    Things I have taken for granted being a car guy, The Oil Change

    This is a great story. He likely thinks of you as family.
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    Air Compressor Moisture Control Regulator/Filter Location?

    Seems that excessive moisture creates hassles using my Craftsman 60/gal oil-free twin cly compressor for sandblasting. Buddy informed me the location of the regulator/filter is mounted too close to the unit. Says it should be a good 10-feet away to reduce moisture accumulation. He's painted...
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    Trying not to think about it..
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    After Divorce Settlement, Gisele Expected To Own At Least 3 Times As Many Super Bowl Rings As Aaron Rodgers

    Sorry - I'm not sure I'm getting what you think of Rodgers; could you be more specific?
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    EBay Change?

    How does anyone compete with the likes of Amazon? Key-reist, shipping **** is outrageous and only gotten worse every time I calc shipping fees...even for smaller stuff. No doubt a lot of nice stuff has gone to the scrap recyclers cuz ya can’t friggin afford to sell it. Being a geezer, my...
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    EBay Change?

    Yeah, the hassles to sell anything of size, like I once could, are gone. Lots a stuff has gone to Goodwill and the scrap yard I once would post. Not long ago got an offer to buy an item – lol – that would have cost me more to ship it than dumping it in the trash. Oh yeah, here’s this 30 buck...
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    EBay Change?

    Have used fleabay for over 20 years. Seems that it has become progressively more & more unfriendly to use. And trying to talk to a human is a bee-itch. About 2 years ago, got weary of the shipping estimates/costs. Accordingly, just started posting stuff with free shipping building some of...
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    18 inch magnum 500 style wheels. on 62 Fury wagon

    Yep, to each their own. MO, certain size larger wheels detract from the look of an old ride; enough to turn me off – but to the delight of others. On the other hand, I sure like tad larger dia wheel compared to the 14” as common back when and 15” usually on larger rides. Went with 15” on my...
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    Water Softeners / Conditioning Systems

    Could be, that's why I asked since these products are all over the web. No water does solve any issues with deposits accumulating where you don't want them; but doesn't sound like a good solution.
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    Travesties of the music world

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    Water Softeners / Conditioning Systems

    I'm about 45 minutes from your town; by the way I like Lake Mills and area. Nice town.
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    Water Softeners / Conditioning Systems

    Looking for anyone who may have some experience with water softeners and water treatment evolution I’ve been reading about. Mind boggling! My softening system is 20 years old and seems it doesn’t work all the great. Dump 80lbs of salt in it every 4-6 weeks. I see there are water softening and...
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    No More Whining!

    Didn't know ya had to drop the motor to winterize the veehickel - damn hey
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    Moving to Texas

    Taxpayers pay A LOT of money for elected/appointed/hired people to make intelligent decisions on the economy…and countless other issues. Granted unpredictable things happen, natural or manmade. The pandemic…who’s fault was this (IMO China and ONLY China). Seems they kept it (virus) hidden long...
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    Historic vs. vintage vs. standard license plates

    Wow! So not allowed to stop to EAT on the way to or from an event? Wonder if it also applies to stopping to take a dump somewhere
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    "Half Ounce" won't be down for breakfast

    No guarantees; but pursue an honest living, work your way up, or seek other suitable employment with another, having developed some skills making yourself more marketable. But then, rather drag my fingernails across a chalkboard than listen to rap or hip-hop for 30 seconds. Nope, it’s not a...
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    Moving to Texas

    Crazy ****. We bought our 1st house back in ’81 at 18.5% interest! And we had to near beg to get a loan, despite having nearly 20% down. I had just taken a new job about 6 months before and my wife had her FT job about 2 years. One of the lender ******** was pressing me about the stability of my...
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    I was talking to my son, he's a new government employee.

    My wife and her siblings went to Catholic grade school. Her and her older brother are left-handed. Her brother would get his left hand whacked by a ruler toting nun, to learn to write – right handed. By the time my wife was there this BS ended.
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    Moving to Texas

    Wish you the best. Things are crazy to steer through. Despite the insane prices of building materials (and shipping waits) past couple years, building new homes, apartments, and condos around where I live have been explosive. Haven’t seen anything like it before and wonder where all the people...
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    Odd Car show comments

    Nice old gent was admiring my Plymouth at a gas station, it has a plate noting the year/model, block letters Plymouth on the hood, block letters on the deck Fury. Oh a front plate with Plymouth on that. He asked what year it was then says “Fury huh? Who made that car?” I said Pontiac. He nodded...