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  1. PP1RT

    Looking to buy this sunroof Charger. Your thoughts on cost.

    I think you got a hell of a deal on a rare car! Ignore the whiners around here. They don't have anything better to do than sit on a computer and try to force their opinions on others. Makes it miserable to come around here anymore....
  2. PP1RT

    SOLD 1968 Coronet R/T Interior Door Badges

    Got em! Thanks!
  3. PP1RT

    SOLD 1968 Coronet R/T Interior Door Badges

    I'll take them. Your inbox is full so i cant get a pm to you. You are welcome to pm me. Thank you.
  4. PP1RT

    Savanallenger is loose on the streets of Milwaukee !

    What da hell?:realcrazy::wtf::bs::lol:
  5. PP1RT

    Cool Car Names Thread

    Got one here with "The Morning After" painted on the doors.
  6. PP1RT

    Bolt siezed in cast-iron manifold

    Should be ok to heat it up some. Maybe a little at a time and let it cool slow afterwards. The bolt might let go before you get it red hot. Can you run the tractor still? Bring it up to operating temp and try the bolt before you get the torch? I have had luck with that a couple times.
  7. PP1RT

    Hemmings Richard Siass 1968 Charger Article

    Very interesting. I had not heard of him before but sounds about right. The worker comes up with an idea and the boss takes the credit for it. His drawing of the redesigned 71 is amazingly spot on.
  8. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    A deposit on a $500 part when can pay full in a week? I wouldn't expect someone else to do that if i was selling. If it was an issue he could have said something right away. That is not the issue and please dont try to make it something it isn't. Around here is the midwest. Farm country. Iowa...
  9. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    I threw out that offer. If he took it fine. If not ...fine. I would have gladly paid the shipping. If it saves a trip to the post office to find out exact shipping that is worth a little something is my thinking. I have done it for others. I am pretty easy to get along with. I swapped an A...
  10. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    Well, around here a handshake and a mans word still mean something.
  11. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    And you had a guy give you 3 months to pay for something. I said i would mail you a check the first week of May. No where did i say you had to hold the parts for me. I asked for an address and you replied to let you know when i had the money. I told you the first week of May. I contacted you May...
  12. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    How old do you think i am and what does that have to do with anything? I dont drink. I have never done drugs. I work full time. I farm full time. I work part time for another farmer and have a business on the side. Money is not an issue. A deal is a deal. You didnt hold up your end of the deal...
  13. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    I told you when i contacted you i didnt have the cash right then($100 short by the way). I offered some trades or to send a check the first week of May. You didnt want any problem. I contacted you as soon as my contract payment hit the account on May 2nd. All of a sudden you reneged...
  14. PP1RT

    Shop Wedding Project, Planning, Lack of, and just Pure Luck ? ? ?

    Very cool projects!! I love doing stuff like that but rarely get the time to do them
  15. PP1RT

    1968 Plymouth Satellite

    Nothing wrong with a Satellite. Big block up front and some gears in the rear and you will have enough fun that you wont care what it says on the fender. Welcome aboard!
  16. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    Easy tiger... I will find the emblems somewhere else. There are better people in the hobby to deal with. would be boring without some hard to find part that only surfaces after you get smacked with an unexpected bill to temporarily drain the bank account.:nutkick:
  17. PP1RT

    SOLD 68 Coronet RT door panels emblems

    I said i didnt have the cash last week. Had contract money hitting the bank May 1st. I told you i could send money the first week of May. This time of year i have a lot of money coming and going with the farm. I dont take money from that account if i dont have to. I have a different account for...
  18. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    Thats was a stand up thing to do. You didnt back out for more money.
  19. PP1RT

    Beware-Seller 442

    I understand price is price. Whatever the market will bear. Too high and it wont sell. Figure out your price before you list something for sale. Once you advertise it for sale raising the price for no other reason after someone says they will take it for asking price is just bad business. I...