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  1. HawkRod

    Broke my 7UP Pop Machine today....

    Look on the bright side now - there will be no problems with paint match!
  2. HawkRod

    1969 Roadrunner Front wheel width/tire sizing fit?????

    Agree. The 68-70 B bodies have a good amount of room for some meaty tires up front.
  3. HawkRod

    1971 340 Road Runner Revival

    Nice work. I think too often suspensions are overlooked and nice looking cars end up handling like crap. All new front suspension components, set up properly, will do wonders for the car!
  4. HawkRod

    HawkRod is doing the 2023 Hot Rod Power Tour!

    Yup, typical of your type of input to threads... :wtf: Sigh. I planned and drove my 1973 Road Runner across country last year over a two month period. I haven't yet learned to be in two places at once. If you want to be that pedantic about my Power Tour statement and it makes you feel all...
  5. HawkRod

    HawkRod is doing the 2023 Hot Rod Power Tour!

    I would like to dyno it if I have time. Of course, that would be with a different distributor and carb than my 70 (I run FAST fuel injection on the 70), but that shouldn't matter much. The Power Tour is coming up in mid June, so I am rapidly running out of time. If I can reasonably do it, I...
  6. HawkRod

    HawkRod is doing the 2023 Hot Rod Power Tour!

    So I didn't get a lot done last week, but I did finish weighing all my parts so I can balance the assembly. Here is my balance card: Next week I will build the bobweights and put this on the balancing machine. It should be close since this was run before, although I have made minor changes to...
  7. HawkRod

    1969 Roadrunner Front wheel width/tire sizing fit?????

    My 70 was built with factory manual drum brakes on all corners. When I restored the car, I bought a front disk brake kit from Right Stuff, and that kit replaced the spindles with a 73/74 style brake setup. So bottom line is I can't answer your question. I never had the 245/60 tires on the 15x8...
  8. HawkRod

    Lunati Cam/lifter went flat during break in

    It's possible. I do believe that some people don't check their lifter bores carefully, and burrs on them cause lifter problems that wipe cams. However, I also believe much of the problem is with lifters. You sound like the type that checked things carefully, so I would lean more to suspecting...
  9. HawkRod

    Pushrod length

    Remember that a rocker arm pushes in a circle. Think of the rocker tip, shaft mounting location and pushrod connection points as a line. This line moves in a circle. The pushrod merely moves up and down. So the maximum movement from a pushrod to the rocker is when this line is at a right angle...
  10. HawkRod

    Teenagers and cars, best ride?

    I gave our kids each a car. Then they had to pay repairs and gas. I also had a strict rule: Let anyone drive your car, or have any passengers in it without my wife or my permission and it's gone. No warnings. The biggest cause of accidents are kids showing off to their friends and cell phone use...
  11. HawkRod

    Happy Birthday Charles Cook

    Sorry - I missed this originally. :( Hope you had a great one! :moparsmiley: :usflag: :bday: :usflag: :moparsmiley:
  12. HawkRod

    Happy Birthday khryslerkid

    Hope you have a great one! :moparsmiley: :usflag: :bday: :usflag: :moparsmiley:
  13. HawkRod

    Happy Birthday 65Bel

    Hope you have a great one! :moparsmiley: :usflag: :bday: :usflag: :moparsmiley:
  14. HawkRod

    Happy Birthday Moparmarks

    Hope you have a great one! :moparsmiley: :usflag: :bday: :usflag: :moparsmiley:
  15. HawkRod

    Gear Vendors OD

    I have a GV in my 73 Road Runner - essentially the same car from a structure perspective. I used it when I drove the car over 11,000 miles across country. (Look up RoadKill Runner if you want to check it out) Did it help? You bet, in lots of ways. Of course, it lowers RPM, and that reduces...
  16. HawkRod

    How about just a random picture. NOT the entire car

    Maybe you just want to sit 'gangsta' low?!?
  17. HawkRod

    Black Beauty a 66 Satellite E-bay find

    Don, That car is just a super find - I love it! (And, of course, it is made batter by the air cleaner topping the motor!!! :luvplace: ) Getting crap out of the gas tank can be a royal pain in the butt. When I first got my 70 Road Runner on the road (and before restoration) my tank had a...
  18. HawkRod

    New Truck idiot message

    I think all new(er) cars have those stupid messages about keeping your eye on the road. I love my 2020 Ram, but there are some things that are annoying about it - that warning screen is one of them. What is more annoying are the seatbelts and auto-park feature. The seatbelt warning will chime...
  19. HawkRod

    1968 Roadrunner refresher

    It will be exciting to have it at a show and show it off!
  20. HawkRod

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    You didn't derail the thread - if the pictures of our cars in various places bring back memories, that's great and what it is all about!