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  1. QuickBpBp

    Is this normal to see Robots/bots browsing the site?

    Not a computer guy but.. I Was amazed at all the bots/robots combing through all the post areas.. It was changing every few seconds as to which went where.. Any curious to see if that is just normal internet activity..
  2. QuickBpBp

    Why when I post a pic here...

    Why when I post a pic here when I try and post the same pic on FABO it just shows up as
  3. QuickBpBp

    Seeing partial posts from Ignored users...

    Posted about this about 2 weeks ago and it's doing it again... I normally see nothing just at the bottom of the page "Show Ignored Content". Here is what it looks like.. Any help as I rather not see anything from the ones I ignore. Thanks in advance.
  4. QuickBpBp

    Mods why am I seeing this???

    You are ignoring content by this member. Show Ignored Content I have certain "people" blocked but it's showing this in the text with the members info... Before I did not see anything now it's starting to pop up... Any help is appreciated...
  5. QuickBpBp

    Locked threads in the Parts For Sale ads....

    I just saw a pile of ads that the last reply was "Bump"... I just want to know were they locked for doing that multiple times or is there a problem with the seller. It may help other members to know what happened... As usual Thanks in advance!
  6. QuickBpBp

    How to leave feedback?

    Just as the title says. I searched and found nothing using the search feature on here... Instructions As buyer and seller would be great. Thanks in Advance!