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    Hello, Would you take $10 for the three? Thanks, Tom

    Hello, Would you take $10 for the three? Thanks, Tom
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    Starter Gasket Question

    Ok guys, I was cleaning things up and sorting things out and I found these. Three different starter gaskets. They are all big-block, but other than the obvious, what is the difference between them? Are they year specific or bell housing specific or ? Thanks for the look and info.
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    Found 4 spd. trans. for 69 GTX RS23L9A132241

    I have the transmission case laying in my garage.
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    Another garage..

    Your place looks fantastic! You are very patient. I laid a live stone wall (only 2 stones high) all the way around the flower bed that surrounds our house. It was a very relaxing and gratifying experience. Quite rewarding when you are finished.
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    SOLD Black Seatbelts

    Sale pending.
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    FOR SALE 70 GTX / Road Runner Reverse Lights

    For sale: I have a very nice set of 70 GTX or Road Runner reverse lights. They do not have any bulbs. Very clean. $100 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for the ad!
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    FOR SALE 3 Speed Wiper Motor Crank and Arm

    For sale: 3 speed wiper motor crank and arm. Cleaned and lubed. $85 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for the ad!
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    SOLD Blue Seatbelts

    For sale: B7 Blue Seatbelts, I only have what you see in the pictures. Nice condition. Some cleaning and they would be nice. Thanks for the ad!
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    SOLD Black Seatbelts

    For sale: Black seatbelts. It is not a complete set. It has the front belts for bucket seats. It is missing the ones for the rear seat. (One rear seatbelt is there.) Some of the latches are rough. One is really bad. What you see is what you will get. $75 shipped to the lower 48...
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    FOR SALE NOS NASCAR Hemi Connecting Rods

    $500 obo shipped to the lower 48.
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    Need ideas to remove stuck tight Hemi intake

    I have used a "good and sharp" wood chisel. One that has the hammer pad on the end of the handle. They are thin and sharp enough to get in between the china wall and the intake. Plus they have a lesser slope to the bevel and will slide in much easier. That's my go to.
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    FOR SALE 1970 Dodge Dealer Color / Upholstery Color Chart

    For Sale: 1970 Dodge Color and Upholstery dealer wall chart. When was the last time you saw one of these for sale? It covers all models of Dodge cars, light trucks, and vans. This chart is approximately 5' long x 3.5' high. It has the original masonite mounting board with the flip up sides to...
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    FOR SALE 426 Hemi Heads

    For Sale: 426 Hemi Heads. Casting dates: E.31.6 & E.27.6. I had them cleaned and magna fluxed. They are clean. NO cracks! They have been shaved. I can send more pics. of them. I prefer local pick up. Shipping will be at buyer's expense. $4000 Thanks for the ad!
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    70 GTX Engine, Trans, History.

    Still looking.
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    SOLD 70 rear markers

    Wow. Got this one in the wrong forum.
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    FOR SALE 70 RoadRunner / GTX Rear Side Markers

    For Sale: Set of side markers for a 70 RoadRunner / GTX. Nice set. Complete with nuts and very nice retainers (full of undercoating). $75 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for the ad!
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    SOLD 70 rear markers

    For Sale: 1 set of 70 RoadRunner / GTX rear side marker lights. Nice condition. Complete with nuts and NICE retaining brackets. $75 shipped to the lower 48.
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    FOR SALE 70 GTX Driver's-side Rear Panel Inner Trim Piece.

    70 GTX driver's side 1/4 extension inner trim piece. Very nice condition. I found one very tiny ding in it. You have to hold it the right way in the light to see it. Ready to put on any show car. $100 shipped to the lower 48.
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    FOR SALE New 1968-70 Roadrunner GTX Coronet Superbee Fender Support Brackets

    Hey your inbox is full. I'll take them. PM me.