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  1. T2R9

    Raw fenders what to prime it with?

    Agree. I have a pile of old white t-shirts I cut up for rags.
  2. T2R9

    Raw fenders what to prime it with?

    That gun will work just fine. I like to run 30-35psi at the gun. For cleaning the bare metal I would get some reducer thats compatable with the epoxy your buying from the same supplier. Soak a rag, wipe it down and follow up with a clean dry rag. Once it flashes off spray the epoxy. You can also...
  3. T2R9

    Raw fenders what to prime it with?

    If you were closer I would mix up some epoxy and coat them for you.
  4. T2R9

    Raw fenders what to prime it with?

    HVLP gun like the Harbor Freight purple, and a small compressor will work for fenders, 20 gal tank would help. Definitely get some disposable inline filters and a regulator to attach to the gun.
  5. T2R9

    The Roach

    Did you go with a TKX? My neighbor just put one of those in his Camaro and loves it. Nice compact design.
  6. T2R9

    Raw fenders what to prime it with?

    Epoxy first. You can do your body work on top of the epoxy if done within the recoat window. SPI is 7 days. If longer, scuff add another coat then do your body work the next day. After seal the work with another coat of epoxy. You will basically sandwich the bodywork in. Then high build and block.
  7. T2R9

    1970 Coronet / Super Bee Front Bucket Seat Foam Replacement

    Your original foam looks reusable. I started with foam in about the same condition. Some 1/4" and 1/2" quality high density foam to fill and firm up the needed areas helps the covers really fit well. 3M super 70 to attach the foam and install your covers.
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    Craziest Accident I ever saw...

    No way he was belted in. Got damn lucky on that run.
  9. T2R9

    440Source dampener question...

    I just measured the one for my 74 and its 7/8"
  10. T2R9

    Avatar, and my information, need help.

    Click your username on the top right, then click Account Details. You will see every you can change.
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    72 Satellite Gen III Hemi Restomod

    Nice! Looking to do something like this after my 74 so will be following along.
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    Best place to get rallye wheel paint?

    Frank Badalson if your doing a correct resto. I like Krylon dull aluminum with a coat of satin clear for a nice driver. 99% of people won't be able to tell the difference.
  13. T2R9

    1971 charger roof front edge lip

    Yes any 71-74 B-body roof sections will work as patches.
  14. T2R9

    Here is a case where he should have stopped at the front end...

    I looked at it today and wondered why? Really not well executed at all.
  15. T2R9

    Myrtle Beach- Run to the Sun 2023

    More. I will try not to replete Dan. The blue Belvedere was a young kid. Great to talk to.
  16. T2R9

    Myrtle Beach- Run to the Sun 2023

    Fantastic show! Been there the last two days. Some serious iron there. Dan posted my 71 way up there! Early Hemis were well represented.
  17. T2R9

    WTB 71 Bench seat 4-speed shifter boot

    Thanks, it looks like the one I currently have which split open around the shifter in a week. Going to hold out for a NOS or nice used with part# on it.
  18. T2R9

    Poly trans mount...

    These work great. I like to tack weld the sleeve to the mount once the rubber is cleaned out.
  19. T2R9

    71 Charger SE build

    Scorecard from my first show. They did trophies for the top 10 cars, so my first one. Guess they were hoping for hubcaps! It really brought a lot of positive comments.