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  1. beanhead

    Bought any copper wire lately ???

    You haven't bought wire in 30 years, and you're ranting about current conditions? That's funny! Holee yo guys not do parallel feeds or go medium voltage? I can do parallel 350s for a lot less dough (and labor) and still exceed the ampacity of a single 1000 feed. But..that 1000 sure...
  2. beanhead

    Leaf spring wind up

    You can make some out of 1" or so wide pieces of steel, 1/4" thick with one bolt on each side. You can experiment with how many clamps and how many sections you clamp. It makes a difference especially with stock/HD springs and good torque.
  3. beanhead

    *unofficial what are you listening to?* thread

    I'm living this right now....
  4. beanhead

    Great voices in the entertainment industry

    The first ones that spring to mind, John Facenda Don LaFontaine James Earl Jones John Houseman
  5. beanhead

    Where to hide msd ignition in a 1968 charger?

    I had one right above the passenger side kick panel, plenty of air there and totally hidden. Some folks have mounted them on the panel itself at the top edge. Under the dash/on the inside firweall is great too if you have space.
  6. beanhead

    295/55R15 fits

    Okay thanks...I was just curious to see how those meats fit on the fender lip side but it looks like you don't have to worry about that..
  7. beanhead


    "Proportioning valve all the way open" is not a good should be partially or mostly closed to limit the fluid to the rears as they *should* lock faster than the discs. Did you properly bench bleed the master cylinder? Easy stuff first...Re-bleed and re-adjust the drums. Check the...
  8. beanhead

    295/55R15 fits

    Thanks for the info! Please post pics of the fit when you get the car on the ground.
  9. beanhead

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    That Poncho looks suspiciously similar to the chevyII from those years:D:rolleyes:
  10. beanhead

    Anyone here know Ron Nies/aka 383man?

    He hasn't been seen since last July. He's been a regular here and other places for many years and is a really good guy, with that sweet Plymouth... @383man I'm hoping you're okay!
  11. beanhead

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    Ain't that the truth!
  12. beanhead

    AMD rant

    Look at the bright side, at least you've something to rant about! I'm still waiting for a front bumper that was ordered in last August, supposed to ship 4 weeks after that in September....and then Nov...and then really excited when they didn't bump the Feb ship date back. Then a week...
  13. beanhead

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    Wow I didn't know you were a senator? I'll watch how I talk to you from now on:):):)
  14. beanhead

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    :rofl: Just giving ya a hard time Dibbons...I still love you!
  15. beanhead

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Just to help out here since the rule that seems to apply here is "anything that may be considered offensive" (TBD by who, I have no idea) I've had memes deleted for containing: A really fat guy with no shirt Jan and Peter Brady playing beer pong with "TGIF" as the caption Funny memes containing...
  16. beanhead

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Part deux hell! This thread has more sequels than fast and the furious. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  17. beanhead

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    I had to post this because the building is so cool, been painted with the stars and stripes for as long as I can remember. My bro's Cutlass...don't go hatin', may not be pretty but it hauls the mail with it's 700hp 455! No "LS" swap needed here! He bought it when he was in the 'Corps in Yuma in '91.
  18. beanhead

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    Still had the steelies on here, in front of some cool wall art-
  19. beanhead

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    Your Mopar got taken on the strip by a 4Runner?'re dead to me... :p:p:p