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  1. Thrashingcows

    Bought any copper wire lately ???

    My daughter works at Home depot and they are not allowed to say or do anything if someone is spotted stealing...they just have to stand there and watch them walk out with tools, lumber, even the occasional appliance! No consequence or deterrent for these POS low life scum bags and all thanks to...
  2. Thrashingcows

    68 Coronet Side Scallop Bezel

    1WildR/T is correct...the coronet 440 model did not get the side scallops, only the 500 got those. The Coronet 440 got the long stainless trim from fender to tail panel along the top body line. So someone added those at some point in the cars life.
  3. Thrashingcows

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Few days ago I was moving the Coronet from the Garage on the house back into the shop and decided to stop for a few winter pics since it was such a beautiful day out.... Hate where the shop that did the inspection put the sticker...I assumed they'd put it down low in the bottom corner...
  4. Thrashingcows

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Decided to clean up my tools a little bit the last couple days. First I have been using an old Sears Craftsman socket kit my parents bought me sometime around 1989, love the set and have used it on everything since I got it but the old case has been slowly falling apart and in the last few...
  5. Thrashingcows

    Roadside Score!

    I've scored several pressure washers as honda powered gas unit, and several electric units. All worked with a little tinkering and/or small repairs. Most were missing hoses and wands but I just wait till spring when universal units go on sale, about $50 for a hose and wand with...
  6. Thrashingcows

    Roadside Score!

    My best score was a 6500W generator that someone just dumped at the transfer station, no idea if it was good or not but scrap alone would be worth a few bucks so I wrested it into my truck. Got it home and started diagnosis...turned out the needle and seat in the carb had stuck open and filled...
  7. Thrashingcows

    Strange looking brake fluid???

    I'd still pull the drums and remove the wheel cylinders, pull them apart and clean the parts really well..with that much corrosion and moisture the walls of the cylinders might be in rough shape....maybe a quick hone to clean them up.
  8. Thrashingcows

    1973 Charger SE Sunroof

    Very nice car...congrats! The seams splitting on the seats brought me back to my all original EW1 73 340 Roadrunner I had with a white gut...same seats and splitting. ;)
  9. Thrashingcows

    Alternators worth anything?

    I've talked with local parts shops about dropping off old alternators, starters, calipers etc for cores and they have said they can't do anything with them and would just toss them in the scrap bin. Would be nice to get some of those old parts back into circulation.
  10. Thrashingcows

    Things I have taken for granted being a car guy, The Oil Change

    My youngest daughter who's turning 20 in a few weeks can swap out her winter and summer tires on her 88 Aries K-Car all by herself, change the oil, air filter and check and top up all the fluids....She's even had a few break downs and I've talked her through diagnosis and minor repairs over the...
  11. Thrashingcows

    Have you ever been approached with stolen car parts?

    My brother has always made bad life choices and back in the early 90's he hooked up with a couple young guys who were into "crime" and they got him all kinds of cool speed parts and stuff for next to nothing. Well he was working at a small speed shop at the time and had acquired a very cool 409...
  12. Thrashingcows

    The world has lost its mind

    All your comments and beliefs can be put into better context and easier to see how wrong they are if you take any reference to LGBTQ+ people and change it to "black people"....they read a whole lot differently now don't they. It's the same old ignorance, bigotry and hate with just a new target!
  13. Thrashingcows

    The world has lost its mind

    The hypocrisy of this comment is astounding... :rofl:
  14. Thrashingcows

    The world has lost its mind

    While I kind of see the bathroom labeling as a bit silly, I also think I understand the problem from their point of view. Not all transgender individuals are "passable" and even if this individual tries to use a washroom that they identify as...male/female...the ignorance and bigotry of people...
  15. Thrashingcows

    69 Super Bee with N96 hood springs

    I don't believe I've ever heard of N96 cars having HD hood hinge spring...his are probably just worn out. Probably a new set would fix him up right.
  16. Thrashingcows

    Need new Brake Rotors for 67 Charger with original Bendix Calipers- any suggestions?

    Do you still have the OEM 2 piece rotors, or are they the more common "back in the day" one piece replacements with hub cast into the rotor? If you have 2pc rotors then I have seen replacements for just the rotor.
  17. Thrashingcows

    Need new Brake Rotors for 67 Charger with original Bendix Calipers- any suggestions?

    Having restored the Bendix system 25 years ago on my coronet and the costs involved then, and recently my trials and tribulations of getting the system back up and working again after 20 years of basicly no use, if I had to do it over again I would definetly go with the later B-body single...
  18. Thrashingcows

    Portable kerosene heater ideas please

    I have a wood burning stove in my shop and it does well but while it was made to heat an area equivalent to the square footage of my shop, those numbers are based on a 8' shop is 14' so almost double the volume to heat. So on really really cold days I have to supplement with a...
  19. Thrashingcows

    66-69 4 piston brake caliper rebuild questions...

    I bought them through Rockauto...They were about $150 cnd each including the core charge. And I think if you try and bend the bracet to clear the caliper you are going to mess up the angle the flexible brake line has to come into the bracket, and that line now might hit the caliper. Also the...
  20. Thrashingcows

    1969 coronet/super bee bulge hood value?

    25 years ago when I was looking for one for my Coronet I had a heck of a time finding a decent one, most had hood pin holes or damage to the nose. Eventually I found a clean one with nice hood inserts, think I paid about $350? But current value I don't know, if I was looking today I would...