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  1. QuickBpBp

    SOLD NOS P3690933 Mopar Performance Big Block Valve Springs

    These are the same springs on my ‘64 that are 35 years old… Want to put the same ones back on..
  2. QuickBpBp

    FOR SALE 1970 Go Wing

    Is the grille melted?
  3. QuickBpBp

    FOR SALE Dual snorkel (trades??) pictures attached

    Even hacking it, it will not look right as a 70 has "Square" snorkel ends not oval ones.. IMO Best to sell it and get the right one..
  4. QuickBpBp

    SOLD Air Cleaner Lids and Base

    Just an FYI if you want to sell the shaker air cleaner base your asking what they sell brand new from Ben Snobar's company which are correct... Not being a jerk just letting you know so you can sell it.. Mopar 340 4 BBL Shaker Base Air Cleaner Four Barrel Metal Cuda Challenger 70 71 | eBay
  5. QuickBpBp

    SOLD 440, aluminum head, under hood Supercharger engine, zero miles.

    Just curious was it ever in a car or has it been sitting as it's was built 19 years ago....
  6. QuickBpBp

    FOR SALE Direct Connection Chrome Valve Covers - Big Block

    The OP's set are like the 400 magnum style and I prefer those. They also have more clearance for rockers with bigger camshafts as the baffles are higher inside.
  7. QuickBpBp

    FOR SALE 383/400 airgrabber cleaner base

    No that is a 383/400 base....
  8. QuickBpBp

    *WANTED* factory BB car pick up tube

    Hi I have a New Mopar Performance Big block Pm if interested.