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  1. QuickBpBp

    Anyone know the correct length of Interior door panel trim dividers??

    Found some nice Interior stainless door panel divider trim. It looks like 66-7 B-body or could be A-body? It measures 41 1/4 on the doors and 24 7/8 inches on the rear qtr. pieces... Any help is appreciated.. As always Thanks in advance.
  2. QuickBpBp

    Can ANYONE school me on 66-67 Coronet/Charger Bumper Guards

    Just like the title reads.. I heard there is a difference in 66 to 67 Coronet/Chargers and don't remeber if it's front or back or both... Pics describing would be great also. As always Thanks in advance.
  3. QuickBpBp

    Are 66 Dodge Reverse lamp harness's the same as 66 Plymouth B-body?

    Asking for a member who needs the harness that runs inside the decklid on his 66 Plymouth Satellite. I have a nice used one from a 66 Coronet 500. I have no way of knowing and while it's hard to see the part number it looks like it is 2631257... Here is the harness I have. Thanks in advance.
  4. QuickBpBp

    Is this 66 Charger only?

    Is this console harness 66 Charger only? Has a newer part # and the switch for the inner glove box lamp. I also have the lamp lens but not pictured.. Has part #2822415. Thanks in advance!