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  1. QuickBpBp

    Massive explosion in local candy store..

    Happened here late yesterday afternoon. The footage is insane. Still searching for people today in the rubble with pouring down rain. IMO it could have been worse as far as casualties. Getting anywhere from 2 confirmed to a possible total of 7 still too early.. Crews searching for victims of...
  2. QuickBpBp

    Craziest Accident I ever saw...

    Lucky this guy did not lose his legs!! No seatbelt and it doesn't even appear his helmet was strapped on... Crazy he walked away.. 55 Chevy Rollover – *SLO-MO*
  3. QuickBpBp

    Robert Blake won't be down

    89 is a good run.. Seemed like a really strange guy.. Robert Blake, ‘In Cold Blood’ actor once accused of murdering wife, dead at 89
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    Rare Nos 67 Coronet Grille surrounds ebay (not mine)

    Here is something you don't see everyday Nos 67Coronet grille surrounds.. I imagine these could go for $2200 or more as they are just that hard to find... Any other guesses? 1967 Mopar Dodge Coronet R/T RT NOS L&R grille surround trim | eBay
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    Can a mod let members know about the “scammer” post

    There was just a post in here about a possible scammer which turned out it may have been a mistaken identity or a hacked account… I don’t think it does either member any good just to remove it with out letting others know what really happened.. as always Thanks in advance..
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    How many people have you seen pass out in public these days?

    Took my wife out to dinner for her Birthday last night to an upscale restaurant… There was a table behind us in the corner with 3 guys and 4 women gonna say in their mid 60’s and up. Just after we paid the bill I hear a bunch of commotion and look over to see a guy pale white and then falls into...
  7. QuickBpBp

    Worst Mopar classified magazine ever?

    Saw this magazine in a TSC Farm store. I was like wow let me check it out. Put my glasses on then was like WTF? How can you even print it let alone sell it? I will let you decide….
  8. QuickBpBp

    Some sellers….

    Purchased from parts from a guy.. Made the deal then the the guy says I have two more I didn’t post. Sends pictures so I say I will take those 2 can you ship for the same $14? See response below.. Anyway I got them today…This is how they were then shipped…Luckily lenses did not get broken...
  9. QuickBpBp

    Can anyone tell me about the Olympian that was attacked?

    I was curious as I saw an interview with her one week then saw another one and the pictures don’t seem to make sense… She said she was assaulted with a guy with a pipe. Here are the photos. Same girl different eye injury a week apart. WTF is going on??
  10. QuickBpBp

    Official “not going to Carlisle” thread

    Just curious at this point how many who normally make the trip will NOT be attending. I know the border is opened up above us so that should help but things are getting very expensive and many people are changing plans last minute. NO Politics please..
  11. QuickBpBp

    Why MoParts sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moparts SUCKS. I tried 10 times to reach a member through private message and their pop-up ads continually pull you away from the site to T-Mobile Walmart and then news you cannot use the site it’s complete garbage!! I tried closing it out multiple times as you cannot get back to that site it...
  12. QuickBpBp

    64 Polara 500 $13,500 Not mine

    Saw this, across my Facebook feed. Man what a steal wish it was on the East Coast instead of California. I could finish that car easily I have everything for the interior in black. Sorry ad would only let me take screen shots which suck…
  13. QuickBpBp

    More Charger crack pipe madness…

    I get it that these cars are extremely popular BUT I heard an idiot say “Come on man” plus they are Bill of sale only. $9,000 for these 2?? Some reason couldn’t copy photos had to screen shoot them…
  14. QuickBpBp

    Wonder how long it sat??

    I saw this come across my Facebook feed.. Had to be there for awhile.. It’s only $2500.
  15. QuickBpBp

    I hope the 68 Charger is not next!

    I saw this come across my Facebook feed.. Crazy what people do. With prices these days that was probably expensive anyway.. I guess a sign of the times and going Mad Max style.. :lol:
  16. QuickBpBp

    Rough 24 hrs..

    Our Youngest broke his arm yesterday in the afternoon playing sports at school. First I will say I have the utmost respect for his mental toughness as he never let anyone know how bad it hurt by getting emotional. He was in surgery for 1.5 hrs this morning and the surgeon said everything went...
  17. QuickBpBp

    The Mom's of George Costanza & Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld won't be down

    Both died just a few weeks apart. Both were 93. 93 is a good run RIP funny lady's! Liz Sheridan Dead: Jerry's Mom on 'Seinfeld' Was 93 - Variety Estelle Harris Dead: Mrs. Costanza on ‘Seinfeld’ Was 93 – The Hollywood Reporter
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    Distracted by cell phone...

    Not a mopar but still someones pride and joy. Distracted by cell phone and destroyed this guy's classic. Hopefully she has good insurance. Classic Mustang Hit By Distracted Nissan Juke Driver (
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    High performance car w/low performance driver never ends good...

    Sad to see this numbskull wreck his car. He took a big shot... Dodge Viper Crashes During Street Race | Watch (
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    USPS shipping

    Just an fyi this past Monday they added a surcharge of $4 for any package longer than 20 inches and a $15 surcharge for any package over 30 inches!!! This means the jack I just shipped went from $34.90 to $49.90. Shipping is getting to a point where you won’t be able to sell anything with length...