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  1. QuickBpBp

    Steering Pump Moving

    Missing a front shock too...
  2. QuickBpBp

    71 Road Runner 2-piece rotors

    I would keep them as I always have people at Carlisle asking for them.. They also fit e-body. You would have to see how thin they are as to whether they are good for everyday use…
  3. QuickBpBp

    Source for these front suspension bolts

    Post a parts wanted ad and there are lots of people parting cars where those bolts are usable, the ball joints not so much..
  4. QuickBpBp

    Purpose of shims between steering gear and K frame

    Never saw them either.. Sounds like something a body shop would do after getting things close enough..
  5. QuickBpBp

    Big block engine K-frame.

    More than likely the K-member has rot around the rear bushing area.. This allows the k-member to walk around.. I built my 74 years ago was a 10 second street car… After a few years of racing I had that issue. When I tore it apart the rear k-member was rotted out and did not even need to remove...
  6. QuickBpBp

    Converting to power steering

    @Denham What’s to disagree? Hopefully it was just fat fingered…
  7. QuickBpBp

    1973 RR Sway Bar Plates

    I could be wrong, it looks just like '72 from my memory. If I recall I though there was visible difference with the one used with the iso system. Hopefully some others will chime in.
  8. QuickBpBp

    1973 RR Sway Bar Plates

    Looks like you got a incomplete '72 b-body set-up on e-bay. Should be able to sell it easily..
  9. QuickBpBp

    74 Charger Steering Column Rattle

    This might help if you want to do it cheaper.. Lower steering column bearing? | For A Bodies Only Mopar Forum
  10. QuickBpBp

    74 Charger Steering Column Rattle

    Assume you assembled it correctly and greased it. Was the noise there BEFORE that was replaced? Is there a bushing for the rod that goes to the column for shifting looks like this? Gearshift Control Torque Shaft Bushing Mopar 1967 - 1974 (
  11. QuickBpBp

    74 Charger Steering Column Rattle

    See above: The internals could be worn out...
  12. QuickBpBp

    74 Charger Steering Column Rattle

    Could be the shoes in the steering coupler are worn out..
  13. QuickBpBp

    1973 RR Rear sway bar plates

    Just remember the driver seems odd!!
  14. QuickBpBp

    1973 Satellite Control Arm Bumper upper

    It's not plastic it is the metal plate that the rubber was attached to...the rubber part has fallen off.
  15. QuickBpBp

    Converting to power steering

    Main steering shafts are different lengths and the coupler is different also so I would just get a complete column...71 is different as far as ignition key switch the way it locks in so you may want a 72 column if you want to keep the key you have for door locks and ignition switch or you can...
  16. QuickBpBp

    Help Needed: 73 Upper Control Arms

    Still digging parts out I will let you know what I find in the next 2 days..
  17. QuickBpBp

    Help Needed: 73 Upper Control Arms

    I may have some originals at Carlisle..
  18. QuickBpBp

    adding a sway bar

    Then the aftermarket bar is the problem or the aftermarket skid plate.. Does the factory bar still slide through?
  19. QuickBpBp

    adding a sway bar

    A factory sway bar will fit with or with-out skid plate... You do have to change the lower control arms so they have the tabs on them or weld the tabs to the ones with-out..
  20. QuickBpBp

    Pinion Snubber

    Are you talking about The MP one that is too long? I have cut them down on a band saw and they worked fine...|+M&utm_term=4581871114009712&utm_content=GSAPI+5c59c3060def8 There is...