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    FOR SALE 73-74 RR/SAT Original White Interior Sail Panels

    Good original white sail panels for a 73-74 Road Runner or Satellite. Graining is nice, not chalky or scratched up and still wearing original paint. Cat whiskers are nice. A few short lower tabs cracked off back. Will look nice resprayed. $125pr plus shipping Parts are located in SE PA. Can...
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    SOLD Original 1972 B-body Tilt steering column

  3. QuickBpBp

    SOLD Original 1972 B-body Tilt steering column

    Still available and way less than a fake "1971" column from a '75-up b-body... 1971 Dodge Charger SE R/T 500 Plymouth Tilt Steering Wheel Rare Cruise Control | eBay
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    FOR SALE Steering Wheel

    Black or green?
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    SOLD 1971-74 B Body Dodge Plymouth Steel Core Dash Pad from ABC Moparts

    Hope all is well as I sold you some parts for that car, sorry to hear you let it go.. Take care with whatever is going on.
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    FOR SALE 1971-1972 Steering Wheel

    and C..
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    FOR SALE 71-2 B-body Original Air Grabber Switch & Light Bracket

    1971-72 Air Grabber Switch and light bracket. This is an original switch that had a repair (see pics) assume that it should be rebuilt. The same guys who rebuild heater control switches could do the job. $175 plus shipping Parts are located in SE PA. Can send more pictures if interested. Pm...
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    SOLD 1970-1974 B Body Steering Wheel Adapter Tuff Wheel Rim Blow

    It actually whether they had a keyed spline(car) or no key spline(truck)...
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    SOLD 1971-74 Road Runner Non A/C Woodgrain Dash Insert

    Good Used 1971-74 Road Runner Woodgrain Dash insert. This is in good condition with the typical wave in it. Not cracked. Nice Original emblem with only 2 of the three mounting pins. This is a real Road Runner one so you don’t see the shadow of a Satellite or Charger emblem around the dash...
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    SOLD 1969 Coronet Bucket Seats

    Wish you were in Washinton DC as I would have bought these already for my 68 500 Convertible..
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    FOR SALE 1971-2 Charger Interior sail panel trim

    Still available..
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    SOLD Original 1972 B-body Tilt steering column

    Thanks I have seen it done.. nice job and great pics..
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    SOLD Original 1972 B-body Tilt steering column

    Don’t know about the wheel and what I have seen others do is grind off the auto column areas and make them smooth so it looks like a floor shift column..
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    FOR SALE 72 satellite door panels

    Your rear lowers look fine as that is where the ashtray goes...