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    72 GTX RR correct carb question

    You got lucky to find that carburetor! That is a hard one to find! I still have my original 6252!
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    FOUND Head rest clip for 72 Roadrunner Front Bench Seat

    I am looking for a clip I misplaced for the headrests of my 72 Roadrunner bench seat car. I have attached a picture. I just need one but will buy a set of four if you have them. Thank you!
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    A very special '71 Roadrunner...

    That is a great looking car Ritchie! I hope you recover and are able to enjoy the Roadrunner and spend time with your family!
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    I actually had to check the date on this chat. Where have u guys been? $35,000 is a good price for a 70 roadrunner! A lot has changed since COVID. I am not sure if the prices are here to stay, but go out and try to buy a decent muscle car these days. Don’t get much for 35k these days!
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    Started on the Arizona 71 Charger R/T

    When can I pick her up? Lol
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    Started on the Arizona 71 Charger R/T

    Hey Pete, When did you get the black 71 Charger? is it a 4 speed??
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    My friend just bought a 72 440 Road Runner GTX.

    I had a black one just like it. All the options
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    68 roadrunner for sale- not mine

    The car is listed as sale pending.
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    SOLD Set of four 15 X 7 Magnum wheels & redline tires

    The Deal won't be falling through lol. I will be there Sunday : )
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    What is the MOST cars and trucks that you have owned at one time?

    the most is 22, now I have 16 not counting daily drivers, tractors or yard truck.
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    1971 Super Bee Wheel and Tire Dilemma

    To be honest, I installed the wheels and tires, used the car a little and it went in the garage for some winter work. So it’s on the lift and can’t really test it. I assumed all was good. I can check the frame to see if it’s been hitting, but I never heard anything. I am running the stock...
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    Nick Panaritis from NICK'S GARAGE is now a FBBO member!

    Thanks for sharing this! Real cool and I will enjoying watching!
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    1971 Super Bee Wheel and Tire Dilemma

    I have installed the original 14” poverty caps, no shown in pics. Definitely fills the wheel wells now!
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    1971 Super Bee Wheel and Tire Dilemma

    I agree that there is a lot of wheel well to fill. I recently installed 15x8 Steelies all around. 275 in rear and 245 in front. These aren’t the best pics, but all I have on my phone at this time.
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    71 Super Bee

    Hell no! My friend got screwed big time from them just recently. Check out the car very carefully. They should be called the Shanksters!!! Great people until the papers are signed!
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    FOR SALE 71-74 Bucket Seats 6 way adjustable

    Weekend Special!! $$500.00 for all
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    FOR SALE 71-74 Bucket Seats 6 way adjustable

    All the moving parts on the seat track move easily.
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    FOR SALE 71-74 Bucket Seats 6 way adjustable

    I have a pair of what I believe are 1971 - 1974 B body bucket seats. Driver’s seat is the 6 way adjustable. No idea if it moves or not. I will lube it up and try later. One of the passenger seat track is removed as I was going to sell the seats without the tracks and use Adjuster on my car...
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    SOLD Air Grabber Air cleaner

    For 440/340 engines