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    SOLD Big Block 8 qt oil pan

    Ok. Do you take paypal
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    SOLD Big Block 8 qt oil pan

    Is this still available? Thanks grant
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    SOLD 1966 Long Rod 225 Slant 6 Engine ported head big valves all new parts

    Your inbox is full. I had asked about trading the max wedge heads and then the thread closed and was going to pm yiu to see if they were available for normal purchase
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    SOLD Mopar performance Brand New 518 Max wedge heads pocket ported with big valves ready to install

    Any interest in trade for Indy 440-1 heads ported to max wedge size with t and d paired shaft rockers
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    SOLD Brand new MP 2406518 MAX WEDGE HEADS built with Big Valves

    What’s the deal with the 4 mismatched exhaust valves
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    SOLD Lakewood Bellhousing

    Ok thanks. Will try and get some measurements this week and check back
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    SOLD Lakewood Bellhousing

    Do you know if it will bolt to an np435 out of a truck? Thanks grant
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    SOLD Lakewood Bellhousing

    Do you know if it will bolt to an np435 out of a truck? Thanks grant
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    WTB Wtb low deck single plane

    I am looking for an Indy 400 single plane intake. Preferably 4500 flange. 4150 could be used. New or used thanks grant
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    SOLD Indy intake

    Is it a 4500 flange
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    WTB 68,69 383 Std Crankshaft

    Do you want one that hasn’t been cut
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    FOR SALE Scat 440 rods

    I have a set of brand new scat 440 length rods with .990 pins and the better arp2000 bolts. Would take 600 shipped. Located in southeast Iowa. 52627. Thanks grant Rods sold pending payment
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    SOLD Big block QuickTime bellhousing

    I have a QuickTime bell housing for a big block to 4 speed part number rm 6073. Would like 700 plus shipping obo. It is brand new used for mockup only. Located in southeast iowa. 52627. Thanks grant
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    WTB Small Block Windage tray

    I have one with bolts out of a 318. Also have a set of brand new bolts that came with my other gray but I used studs. I believe they are the longer ones that require the washers
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    WTB Small Block Windage tray

    For a 340 or 360. I have one with the correct bolt spacing for 318/340
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    340 Intake gaskets are not correct, little help please!

    If I remember correctly the horseshoe can be left open. The center portion is for you heat riser in the intake.
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    Deer Camera

    Looks like a small deer to me with it’s head down
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    Small Block Bellhousings?

    I don’t know part numbers for sure but I have a 4speed bell out of a truck and my dad has one from a car If you find out what you need for sure i would be willing to sell one of them