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    440 Source Alternators

    My flickering lights were caused by internal wire corrosion. Insulating coating looked OK but inside copper was discolored with some green, also had voltage drop from the key. Ran new wire and I'm using a key activated solenoid connected to battery for 12v reference. Lights solid now.
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    This was painful to watch...

    Nick had mentioned full throttle vacuum was too low and carbs were too big, partner mentioned 500s might run better.
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    I absolutely hate wiring a car.

    I found using Velcro wire ties useful when laying out wires, beats having to cut zip ties and redo them. Helps keep wires from wanting to coil back up and is easy to move or add wires, then use zip ties to...
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    This was painful to watch...

    I’ve never seen a distributor with a shaft that screws together, something you would not think about. Great video of diagnosing start issues. Nick has a lot of patience and co-worker was a big help. Really shows the value of using dyno, lot of info compared to doing it in the backyard with...
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    Suggest cheap ways to deter thieves when it comes to Mopars.

    I posted this before. I put a button under the dash on steering column for the starter. Just turn on key and press button for starter. Also put a latched 12v solenoid on the column keyed start circuit. If you try to use key instead of button for the starter, the solenoid shuts down battery...
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    Hoovie Buys an Alleged "Survivor" 1968 Charger R/T

    Hey Hoovie, not all of us hate you. I'm just jealous of the cars you are able to play with by making money on YouTube being a goofball. Good Luck with your career. The Wizard made me smile when he called first dibs on the R/T if you ever sold it. I'd go with a Gear Vendor OD to get your...
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    Tom Brady Sure Glad He Gave Up Family For This

    There is also the FTX ponzi scheme he endorsed and asked others to invest in hanging over his head. I would think using his Fame and name to draw in his fans that lost it all would hurt his brand. Tom Brady, Gisele & Steph Curry Sued Over FTX Collapse FTX stakes held by Tom Brady, Gisele...
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    I know I'll get ripped for this but I like winter.

    I’ve learned to live someplace where it freezes as it keeps the bugs and other poisonous reptiles at bay.
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    Please help on pricing 72 Roadrunner Clone

    To me the car is worth more than the crewcab, as there are a lot more trucks made/still around, but then I'm not a Dodge Truck guy. Pics of truck might help.
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    FOR SALE Edelbrock 440 Aluminum Intake

    It is a dual plane which is similar to stock but flows better. From test of Dodge manifolds, this is the same one but for 383. Part 1 of Hot Rod's Mopar Intake Manifold Shootout
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    Pulling my hair out charging issue!!! Please help!!

    I had problems with '72 Satellite, since getting it running the headlights would alternate between dim then brighten up, tried replacing regulator problem still occurred. (Also bypassed ammeter to remove another known failure point.) Lived with it for awhile then alternator died, replaced it and...
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    What do you guys think of Hoovies 1968 green Charger?

    Looks good so far, the newer paint is always suspect to what is underneath. Expect to see a video covering all the usual old Dodge problems as The Wizard digs into it. Made me laugh when The Wizard asked to be the first person if he ever sells it. Front sway bars were probably removed thinking...
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    66 charger 383 sniper help

    I put a button under the dash on steering column for the starter. Just turn on key and press button for starter. Also put a latched 12v solenoid on the column keyed start circuit. If you try to use key for the starter, the solenoid shuts down battery power until hidden switch is used to...
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    Too bad, enjoyed watching him. R.I.P. New snowmobiles are real fast, especially a hot rodded ones like he probably had. I also stay off 4 wheelers, know too many people that have died or been seriously injured playing on them.
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    Big Block Mopar Mickey Thompson Valve Covers or Mopar Performance Valve Covers?

    My vintage M/Ts have held up well. To help seal them up better I ground some metal off by the bolt holes. Stock BB iron heads sealing surface is not totally flat and is a bit raised by the bolt holes. Putting cover on without gasket will show where high spots are that cause a gap that thin...
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    Kirstie Alley won’t be down for breakfast.

    RIP. Always enjoyed watching her.
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    I modified Holley 2300 for 6-Pack

    Had read about modifying a Holley 2300 to fit 6-Pack and could not find much info, so I'd thought i'd do a write up on what i did. Being the cheap bastard I am with more time than money, paying $800+ was too much so I picked up a used 2300 off Ebay for less than $100 and proceeded to hacksaw...
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    "That" day, the one that is inevitable but hard to deal with...Putting one of our 2 oldest dogs to sleep today...

    Deepest Sympathy, it is hard. Pet’s are helpful in more ways than be counted, hard to imagine Life without them.
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    Side pipes on 70 charger

    For a look from the past, they are OK. A long time ago while bench racing with my Dad, he talked about a side exhaust using what he called Zoomie Pipes and described them similar to Top Fuel exhaust. He never did it and I had forgotten about it until I ran across this car on YouTube. Now we are...
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    Installing engine and transmission

    I'll try raising the rear of the car next time I pull/install engine. For me it is easier to have engine and trans together. I also have a load leveler that helps a lot getting it in. Summit Racing SUM-G1021 Summit Racing™ Engine Load Levelers | Summit Racing Before getting the leveler, would...