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    SOLD 69 plymouth roadrunner 4 speed roller

    Engine is still in car it's a 69 hp block with ported 915 heads new Manley valves and seats. 750 holley carb with torker intake. Engine was balanced as well. Has unknown performance am not to big . I actually drove car and it had great power but started smoking have not checked out the issue...
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    SOLD 69 plymouth roadrunner 4 speed roller

    69 Plymouth Roadrunner roller only for sell. I have clean title , fender tag is there and so is vin. It was 383 4 speed B5 blue car. Comes with everything for the 4 speed including flywheel and clutch. This was a running car I'm pulling engine for wife's challenger. Also has good exhaust all...
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    69 rr fender tag decode

    Yes buying it on Sunday hopefully as long as things go as planned. Its a 730 mile trip so who knows lol. Yes I know where to check for vin on core support and rear quarters. I'm pretty sure it's got the original sheet metal still. I like that it's a bare bones car the way they were supposed to...
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    69 rr fender tag decode

    So not many options lol. Can we tell if it was a vinyl top car or what rear gear. Has dash tach as well if that has a option code
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    69 rr fender tag decode

    Please decode thanks. Not the easiest to read I don't have car yet. Picking it up this weekend. Definitely a B5 blue car which I love and think it's a 4 speed car.
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    FOR SALE 440 engine

    seller Forged crank 440 for sale low mileage rebuild. Stock pistons and rings with rv cam and new oil pan. Has Year One Mopar Wedge intake which is basically a RPM Performer by the looks of it. Aluminum water pump housing and pump. Carb doesn't go with engine just sit on top for pic. 2300 and...
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    PST's New 20:1 Mopar Manual Steering Box Is Here !!!

    Any current discounts for A body members. Order one by Monday
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    SOLD 68 Plymouth Satellite for sell

    Reduced to 5k can't find title bill of sale only.
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    SOLD 68 Plymouth Satellite for sell

    I have a 1968 Plymouth Satellite with a great running 273 which is the original engine . It was rebuilt some years ago but never really driven much. Has a good auto trans as well. This definitely need some metal work and rear frames rails for sure. Need front floor pans rear are pretty solid...
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    SOLD Drop in engine and trans

    Not sure what pistons I did not build. Car was bought through an estate sell. Older gentleman fell off a scaffold hit head and died 2 weeks later. She runs strong and is a roller engine is all I know. Engine is clean inside as well. It's not a drag Engine but it's quick with 3.55 gears in my car
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    SOLD Drop in engine and trans

    Thinking selling complete engine and trans. 73 440 forged crank stock rods. Also has 67 915 closed chamber heads.Has roller cam and roller lifters. Has roller comp rockers and push rods. New Street Brawler race carb 750 and new Performer Rpm intake. New Firecore wires, has msd distributor and...
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    FOR SALE 69 B body hod hinges

    Nice rust free 69 B body hood hinges. 175.00 plus shipping from Terre Haute , Indiana
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    SOLD Hellcat engine

    2021 Dodge Hellcat 6.2 supercharged engine with all front accessories including starter. Has 8100 miles on it and ecm and engine oil cooler. I also have Black Heart headers , engine mounts and isolaters brand new if needed for a B body. price: $12,250 firm can ship cheap through Fastenal. PM...
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    Borgeson vs Steer and Gear unit

    Got it installed didn't seem a lot different from the stage 2 steer and gear. Looks nicer and fits much better.