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    '69 RT 440-4spd: 90% cruise/street & 10% 1/4 mile track- change to SS springs..?

    I was watching Uncle Tony's Garage on leaf springs. And he mentioned Dave Dudek a well known F.A.S.T racer where he uses factory leaf springs, and what he does is add more clamps to the front segment of of the springs and removes the rear clamps so the springs fan out. Which would allow better...
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    How Wide Is Your Tire/Wheel Combo On The 69 Cornet Sedan?

    With a 15x8 wheel and 5 inch backspace, you should be able to get a 275/60/15 tire in there.
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    15" Cragar SS's custom drilled?

    Cragar sells direct drilled wheels that fit with no issues.
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    Torsion Bar, Light or Heavy?

    I run slant 6 torsion bars on my 67 coronet. It allows the front to rise up and transfer the weight to the back.
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    Molasses as a rust remover is awesome

    Oh ok. Well you might want to look up Gibbs Lubricant Oil, and then you might understand what it does.
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    Molasses as a rust remover is awesome

    Ahhh ok. Just to let you know. There was a motor that was pulled from a lake, and someone doused the inside with Gibbs Lubricant Oil. It freed everything inside and they were able to start the motor.
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    Molasses as a rust remover is awesome

    Gibbs Lubricant Oil will free up a stuck motor.
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    68 Charger right turn signal help.

    I think there was a post awhile back on the same problem, and I believe someone mentioned the turn signal switch was the cause.
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    Darrell Birdstar’s Rod & Custom Show, Tulsa Oklahoma

    Very cool. Lots of nice cars there.
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    Rear Corner End Cap Gasket?

    Yes there should be a gasket in there. Check mega parts mopar.
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    Fuel pump relocation ideas

    Find a good spot on the frame rail. And make sure it's solid.
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    Painting rims

    I would think to get the best results, powdercoating is the best way to go.
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    1965 hemi hood scoop

    I believe it might be the same company that makes them for Ted Stephen's, which is in a small Country as I recall.
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    1965 hemi hood scoop

    I'm very happy with my sled city fiberglass hood scoop. Will Kramer or Stinger guarantee their scoops against cracks or blow off?
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    Hazards going Hazzy

    You're welcome.
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    1965 hemi hood scoop

    Sled city fiberglass makes really nice hood scoops
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    Members with 4 wheel disc systems.....Can you get the tires to skid?

    I have 11 inch wilwood disc brakes up front and 10 inch drums in rear. Disc/drum master cylinder, no prop valve or distribution block. And I've done a few panic stops, never slid once.
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    Very rich cruise condition - 440 Brawler 850cfm

    I was told to back the idle screw so the throttle blades are completely closed. Then turn them clockwise 3/4 of a turn and you should be set.
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    Very rich cruise condition - 440 Brawler 850cfm

    I have a 950 thumper modified carburetor. In order to get it happy, the jets had to be dropped about 4 sizes front and rear. Make sure your idle air bleeds are 73. And the high speed air bleeds 28. At cruise my afr's are 12.7 13.2. But the exhaust is clean and plugs have never looked better.