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    How cheap are the cheapest Challenger Hellcats now?

    Just before the Pandemic you could get one for Mid $40's not now
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    Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944

    Thank you for sharing
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    “Not Mine” ‘69 Charger R/T F3 Green with White Vinyl, Very Nice Hemmings.

    In my unknowledgeable opinion it seems like a lot of coin for a NOM car.
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    Facebook jail

    Facebook put me on restriction because of some covid posts they claimed false information. So I canceled my Facebook account, the only thing I miss is marketplace
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    Any sciatica sufferers on here?

    After going to the chiropractor and Dr route I purchased an inversion table and it appears to have taken care of the problem
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    Calling it a Day Retirement

    Congrats Every Day is a Saturday !
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    SOLD 1969 Belvedere 26900 Original Miles

    Listing says it was a slant 6
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    1964 Plymouth Fury 426,4 speed

    Thanks Mike, I like the car but $50K is way out of my budget and the seller claims he doesn't need to sell it so I don't think he is willing to negotiate down to the mid $30,s
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    1964 Plymouth Fury 426,4 speed

    Mike What would you price the car at ?
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    1964 Plymouth Fury 426,4 speed

    What link are you looking for I will try to post it
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    1964 Plymouth Fury 426,4 speed

    Seller has it posted at $50K
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    1964 Plymouth Fury 426,4 speed

    Do you have a Facebook account ? If so go to Facebook market place vehicles for sale and put in a KY Zip code or 1964 Plymouth Fury in the search section
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    1964 Plymouth Fury 426,4 speed

    This is not my car but it sure looks nice its posted on Facebook Marketplace
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    1965 Plymouth

    Jeff Do you think the price is fair at $36K?
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    1965 Plymouth

    Thanks Dan I'm new to B Bodies I will look closely in those areas
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    1965 Plymouth

    At 30K its more digestible, he dropped it to $36K
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    1965 Plymouth

    Seller asking $38K
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    1965 Plymouth

    Guys, I looked at a 1965 Plymouth Satellite, the car is beautiful great paint , new interior and mechanically sound. The only issue it has it was born as a 273 V8 with an Automatic and now its a 426W with a 4 speed. What would you value the car for ? Is the engine / trans swap a plus or minus...
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    New Guy From Kentucky

    Thank you for the welcome I have found I car 1965 Plymouth Satellite just trying to get educated before I pull the Trigger. Just found out the car was sold still looking. Bill