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    How about just a random picture. NOT the entire car

    This is the tag in my Hemi…..
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    Wife Gains Control Of House With 1-1 Majority

    Well, you are right at that, sir.
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    That's a whole lotta ugly for 3.8 million

    I always thought it’s the best contestant for the ugliest car I ever saw, it reminds me of a bulldog butt.
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    Wife Gains Control Of House With 1-1 Majority

    So, who decides when having sex?
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    Torq-Thrust Wheels vs Standard Lug Studs

    Here again I must disagree with the common misconception on bolts and nuts. When tightening any bolt, it behaves like a spring, and when you loosen it it will return to its original length, like a spring. Many people believe that in time they stretch or loosen and should be replaced asap...
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    Old mags and lugs

    Actually, I painted the spokes, that ,after cleaning, were aluminum gray. In the past I noticed that dust from disc brakes made the wheel spokes darker with a tinge of yellow color, so I painted with an old spray can of paint I have.
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    Air grabber seal fitting issues

    How is the gap between the back of the hood and the windshield base? Can you move the hood back a little?
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    Old mags and lugs

    Guys: here are the mag wheels that came with my 69 hemi bird when I bought it in January 1970. Does anybody know how old are they? They have been refurbished and painted, of course. I am including a photo of one original lug, also redone. I would like to know if another old timer might have a...
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    New member here from Georgia

    Okay, is seems that Georgia has mopars in its mind! Welcome from Marietta! I have a 69 hemi bird myself.
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    CDC Warns Of New 'Stealth' COVID Variant Where You Test Negative And Get No Symptoms

    Oh, you have my permission, tjust report it as a “satire from an unknown source”, I love anonymity…
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    CDC Warns Of New 'Stealth' COVID Variant Where You Test Negative And Get No Symptoms

    So this is a “deadly” variant with no symptoms tha will kill you, so explain to me how it does that. Maybe it taxes you to death or it pesters you until you buy an electric car or badmouths you on Facebook until you shoot yourself? Give me a break!
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    I cut open my air compressor... Take a look!

    What is the hole near the wheels axle?
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    Kroil piston soak odd results

    Why is nobody thinking that the krill itself is depositing a residue on the cylinder wall, given the red color of kroil? Rust would not be shiny like that.
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    New Member from Georgia

    Hey Daniel! We are basically two peas in a pod, we live that close. I would like to meet you and to exchange fun - or not- facts about our cars. Right row my bird is garage bound due to a brake problem happened some time ago and I am in the middle of fixing it, hopefully. I can certainly give...
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    New Member from Georgia

    Hallo!I am in Marietta and since 1970 own what turned out to be the first Hemi car (69 Roadrunner) produced for the year. Are you interested in getting in touch?
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    Investing in gold and silver

    All I can tryout is this: I started working as a metallurgist in 1979 and gold was $35 an ounce, then we got off the so-called gold standard and the price in 1980 went up to $850/ounce and then the bottom fell. From there the price fluctuated for many years, and about 2 years ago it went to...
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    I remember those planes, for me they were most beautyful
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    Cracked cylinder?

    To me that looks like there is a layer of corrosion scale that spalled off the cylinder wall probably due to what you did to the block. Clean that layer off and then you will be sure of what it really is.