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    Ported vacuum advance or manifold. Let's debate!

    Run what you're comfortable with. I do find the big shift from manifold to ported occured when people were looking for fuel economy and manufacturers were looking for better emissions numbers. My Savoy has no vac advance. That's a new wrinkle for me, but it'll give me something new to study. Any...
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    Let's see your stance/tire combo

    Mr. Jim, Which trim rings did you use on your car? Really like the look. Tried to PM, your box was full. Regards, Carter
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    Comment by '71scgc' in item 'Getting the 65 back on the street ~ PART 3'

    Great work on that console. Fit with the seats looked just right! Carter
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    NOSTALGIA A/FX LETTERING on my '65 Coronet AWB Hardtop!

    Absolutely NOTHING about that car that isn't totally kikass! I love the green. I'm retired from the U.S. Army, so damn near everything I own is green. I would classify it as Dark BSG (Baby Snot Green) before I would Puke Green. But really neither. It's just a beautiful shade of green, period...
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    Books, Manuals, Pubs, Service Bulletins, etc.

    Greetings All! As I recently posted in the Welcome section, I very recently acquired a 1963 Savoy Max Wedge car. I'm not new to the old car world, and have a good bit of experience in old Corvettes. In that world, two manuals that are absolute must-haves if you plan on doing as much work as...
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    New member 63 Savoy MW

    So freakin awesome! Looks good with the torque thrusts. I've been wondering about that look. In case I wanted to get some fatter meat under the back, and possibly (gasp!!) radials. Right now, the car's handling is a mess. From what I could see, the rubber all looked good. Perhaps the steering...
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    New member 63 Savoy MW

    Greetings! I just acquired a1963 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge. Got it at the Mecum Tulsa auction earlier this month. No stranger to car forums. Been on the Corvette forum for years. My forum name is a carryover from there, 71scgc, which stands for 1971 Steel Cities Grey Coupe. I also have a 1965...